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"ordain a lady"


The first video was just horrific. How can anyone mock Jesus like that


God have mercy on us and on the whole world.


Watched maybe a quarter of that first video (now that horrific song is going to be stuck in my head all night :dizzy_face:) and I gotta say, the line that really stuck out to me was the one where she says other churches try to woo her, but she’s a Catholic so ordain a lady. It’s like she wants a prize for her outstanding loyalty…

Someone should tell her about St. Stephen, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, St. Philomena, Br. Marcel Van, and the countless others all over the world who suffered and died for being Catholic. We grow to God by following the Church, not by telling it to follow us.


From the comments, I’m glad I watched it on mute.

Also, the thing I don’t get about the women priests is how they say they want so much to be involved with the Church and then dust off excommunication like it’s nothing. It’s baffling.


Men can be Priests but not Mothers
Women can be Mothers but not Priests.


Once I started hearing the quasi - rap or whatever it is and not a lecture, I turned it off.


I’m right there with you on that Maxi. Even though I can see some good arguments for having women priests, presenting the admittance of women to any profession in this way is just ugh.

Would feel the same way if they were touting women scientists or women prison guards or women astronauts or women doctors with a bouncy “girly” video…ugh, just ugh.


Is this is supposed to be a parody of the Womenpriests?

Yes, this thing is an embarrassment. The music is terrible and the lyrics are so bad, I don’t know where to start. It really does look as if it were produced in order to make this position look petulant, adolescent, and as simple-minded as it can possibly look.


And this to me is a HUGE argument AGAINST ordaining women.

When I was growing up I would sometimes say to my mom that women should be priests, and she would note a few examples of really pushy, annoying, agenda-driven women in our parish and say to me, “If women could become priests, Mrs. X or Sister Y would be up there at the altar. Do you want that?” And of course I could see her point because it was hard enough dealing with Mrs. X or Sister Y just being in whatever parish role they were already in.

I don’t want to see women as priests, or women in any profession really, who are entering it to make a statement, prove a point, or anything other than just quietly go about their business doing the work. I know the kinds of women who just “go about their business” exist because I have met many of them, but these kinds of annoying videos and all sorts of other media about “empowering women” are driven by the other type of women who are out to make big statements and have agendas and claim all sorts of prejudice exists that to be honest often does not really exist, or not in the way they’re presenting it. It’s a major reason why I avoid a lot of “women’s groups” in the professional arena.


I cannot understand why they don’t see the whole “but I WANNA!” argument is a disqualification for ordination.

Even men who want to be “empowered” by becoming priests are terrible candidates and hopefully few are ever ordained. That is not what the priesthood is about.


When a two week Catholic goes - this looks all kinds of wrong (meaning the photo)…

…it’s probably all kinds of wrong.

Me either.


I wouldn’t get triggered by it. “Rome has spoken” and all that. Grab a cold beer/wine/soda/herbal tea/organic coco-water and move along.

Less than 1 in 5 women in the United States identify as feminist but ~90% support equal rights for women. In the UK there is even more contrast: less than 10% of women identify as feminist, but over 90% support equal rights for women.

The reason those two statistics don’t overlap is because it’s fairly obvious to contemporary women that the word “feminism” doesn’t mean today what it meant 40 years ago, which is why women have abandoned the label in mass numbers. They realize it has become associated with caginess and anger and they don’t want anything to do with it. Probably because they have brothers/nephews/sons/grandfathers/husbands and happen to generally like men.

I’m not necessarily saying the people in that video are any of those things. They seem more like very young people with not a deep understanding of the Church. They start off the video talking about a canonized saint and Doctor of the Church… who went through a phase in her youth but specifically acquiesced to a male priesthood as she matured… and then use that as an example for ordaining a lady :crazy_face: lolwut. Does not compute.

Don’t be too harsh on them. I’m betting in 10 years many of them will have mellowed out and will be able to look back on this video and have a good chuckle. Also, if I become the first female priest, then they won’t have anything to protest anymore. Cheers mate lol


That was just awful - the singing AND the

Women cannot be priests in the Catholic church.


I mean, it’s silly and memey. But nearly a quarter million hits. So it’s doing its job.


The choreography was bad, especially since they put the Sign of the Cross in it.


This is why no one should ever use the internet.


i agree. The choreography was bad and I did not like that they incorporated the Sign of the Cross into the choreography either.



It is impossible to become a female Roman Catholic priest, but those who already claim to have been the first to do it have beaten you to the punch.


Well, I’m a widow as of last month so I could theoretically start kicking the possibility around again. I don’t have great hope that the Church will find a way in my lifetime though, and I’d rather be martyred than Episcopalian, so there.

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