Order doing "outreach work" in the West?


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I know some protestant missionaries here in Sweden who do mission work among students, organizing Bible studies, social activities etc. You do not have to belong to a parish to meet them, instead they try to find you. They do a lot of “outreach work” and try to socialize with people, especially students. I see a great need for re-evangelizing Europe and the Western world, and I believe the younger generation is a great place to start! Having brothers who wears their habit/collar while doing “outreach activities” would be a great witness to many I believe!

I would not really say that I am considering a vocation at this time, I will continue university for almost two more years, but I am truly curious to know if there are any orders like that! I also want to apologize in advance if I may be slow in my responses to this post. I know from previous experience that I sometimes stay away from the forum long enough for it to be embarrassing bringing up an old thread just saying “thank you for your response”… :slight_smile:

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I would long, if yearning were not so fruitless, for a priestly religious order that celebrates the 1962 Missale Romanum :thumbsup: to come to Rouyn-Noranda, where no Latin Mass at all at any time of the liturgical year is available at which to assist. There is just the Novus Ordo liturgy in the vernacular, in French or (in the single English-speaking parish here) in English; there is also one struggling Ukrainian Catholic parish. Mass attendance is so low that the diocese has closed MOST (almost all) parish churches, even in some isolated villages. The Latin Mass certainly could help to bestir some lapsed Catholics. It would give me a return of zeal, rather than tedium, in assisting at Mass.


I do not know of any religious orders that do that sort of work but there are some lay groups that do. One is a Canadian group called Catholic Christian Outreach.They have a volunteer porogram they call “Vine”. This might be what you are looking for. Then maybe you could help organize something like it for your home country’s universities.


The Redemptorists are known for their work with the poor and disadvantaged as well as being priests and breothers of the people. Their ministries are fairly expansive, but usually involve a combiation of preaching (retreeat centers, in parishes, etc.) and outreach (hospital and prison chaplaincy, soup kitchens, shelters, counseling, etc.). While they currently do not have a presence in Sweden Yet, they do have congregations in other parts of Europe.
Their website is cssr.com


Thank you all for your responses!

I find it very curious that there is no order to re-evangelize this lost generation. When I visited Virginia last year I met with a Priest who worked with a group called “The Youth Apostles” but it was not really a community that lived together, and I also believe it was a local thing. They did however have a very fine ministry together with “Catholic Campus Ministry”, beautiful! But also here, the missionaries only signed up for a temporary commitment, I think one or two years of celibacy and work among the students. It is good of course, but it also means that you only give a part of your self and that there is no chance to go deeper and become more perfect in this task…


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