Order of Canada loses three members over Morgentaler appointment

Order of Canada loses three members over Morgentaler appointment: Michaëlle Jean officially accepts resignations prompted by naming of abortion activist

Michaëlle Jean accepted the resignations of Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, astronomer René Racine and pianist Jacqueline Richard, the Governor-General’s office announced Monday…

Two other prominent Roman Catholics have sent back their medallions, but the Governor-General’s office said they have not sent official resignation letters.
Father Lucien Larré of Coquitlam, B.C., and former New Brunswick lieutenant-governor Gilbert Finn remain on the official list of order members…

Michael Coren just had a vicious debate on his T.V. show about abortion and it was pointed out that even Morgentaler would not conduct late-term abortions, not because of fear, but because he may understand there is a baby in there. The pro-abortion guests on his program refused to bend an inch on their belief that life only begins when the baby is out of the womb, even though Coren said that in Sick Kids’ Hospital these babies in late term could live on life support just like all the other babies who are birthed prematurely.

I wonder who nominated him and who supported him.

Well I can’t say I am surprised he got appointed, seeing as we allow anything and everything regarding abortion here in Canada. Maybe I’m just jaded here, but I am pleasantly surprised that a bunch of people have sent back medals and resigned. The apathy of those in power towards the unborn is so great that I almost expect it now. It’s a breath of fresh air to see people take a stand.

Yeah, I saw it yesterday. It wasn’t vicious. A little spirited perhaps, what with the woman not listening and interrupting all the time.

Not only that he said that some of the aborted late-term babies made it out of the womb, were still alive, but were killed by the medical staff.

Folks started talking about his nomination when he received an honourary degree from University of Western Ontario a few years ago.

I can’t find who made the nomination. It seems to be a matter of secrecy. The nominators are referred to as a group of prochoice advocates. Anyway here is a list of who was on the Advisory Board who approved the nomination:

The current members of the Advisory Council are:

Beverley McLachlin PC, Chief Justice of Canada (Chair)
Patricia Baird OC OBC
Yvan Guindon CM FRSC FCIC, President, Royal Society of Canada
Tom Jackson OC
Karen Kain CC, Artistic Director, National Ballet of Canada[32]
Judith A. LaRocque CVO FRHSC (hon), Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage
Daurene E. Lewis CM
Kevin G. Lynch, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet
L. Jacques Ménard OC
J.E. (Ted) Newall OC
Bonnie M. Patterson, Chairman of the Board, Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

I think it takes a lot of guts to throw the prestigious Order Of Canada back in the faces of our Canadian government. Sure it might make national news in some circles but it will soon be forgotten as of no particular occurrence. Depending upon what media source it’s unlikely to make much of a stir in the news headlines anyways. Liberal minded Governor General Michaëlle Jean won’t be crying over spilled milk. O Canada Shame On Thee; where Abortion is strong and free. Woe onto Thee The devil may have his hour but God will have His day.

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