Order of Canada to be Returned Publicly - Madonna House Returns Founder's Award

OTTAWA, July 7, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Representatives from Madonna House, a Catholic community based in Combermere, Ontario, will make the journey to Ottawa Tuesday morning to return the Order of Canada medal awarded to its founder, Catherine Doherty. The move is in response to the awarding of…

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An expat in Korea told me about the place and he has been gone from the place for only a year. He said it helped him with anger problems and, though he gets frustrated, he has spiritual resources for not stressing out. I don’t know how it has been devalued…by whom and why?

Madonna house has not been devalued - they are returning the Order of Canada pin because the Order of Canada has been devalued. People feel this way because the current Order of Canada is being awarded to a person who has fought to make abortions more widely available (I believe). That’s the impression I got.

He not only fought to make abortion legal in Canada, he runs Canada’s leading abortion clinic. The Morgentaler Clinic

Ok…ok. Is that like, in a hypothetical case, a Nobel Peace Prize being returned by a true humanitarian after it’s been given to Al Gore?

Exactly. The Order of Canada is a civilian award granted to people for a life of outstanding achievement in making society a better place. The decision to award this honour to an abortionist has caused a lot of uproar.

BTW I didn’t mean to write ok twice. It sounds like I’m being defensive. That was not intended.

Thanks for the clarification about my question.

I was at Madonna House thirty years ago and met Catherine Doherty. She was the Canadian equivalent to Dorothy Day, with the same service to the poor. I am proud of them, to see that Madonna has kept up its same ideals.

this should be an example to Catholics everywhere.

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