Order of the Mass 155 AD


Here are the three chapters from Justin’s First Apology in the original language:

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That is beautiful Cajun.

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I have been a devout Catholic ALL my life and JUST recently come to learn this. The Holy Spirit has really been working overtime in my life and opening my eyes. A LOT of the things I listed come from Priests and lay people a LOT wiser than me. My own Priest is such a blessing and also online Father Mike Schmitz, Father John Riccardo. Father Larry Richards, Father Josh Johnson, Father Jonathan Morris, Father John Calloway, Father John Hollowell and others. I have been blessed TRULY blessed to have MANY wonderful Holy Priests through the years in my life.

I realized I was a good Catholic but good Catholics don’t necessarily make it to Heaven. I had a lot of work to do on myself and I’m still working on me and will be until I die.

I want to be a Saint for eternity in Heaven----NOTHING else matters more than that to me.

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I find it so interesting sometimes when I run into a Catholic like you for what you presented is pretty much exactly the “stuff” I have been raised with as a non-Catholic. We have so much in common in spite of the different understandings we have been raised in.



It’s a good thing that Jesus Christ is the only Judge of who is a saint and who is not.
Paul the Apostle said that he couldn’t judge himself.
God sees sincerity of heart. God is for us, not against us.
God desires to transform our wills by cooperating with God’s Grace and Mercy.
God reveals the truth, so each person’s freewill can choose it.
It is like 2+2 = 4. It has always been true (be careful of those who try to use semantics,
and existential logic to say it ‘depends,’ on what 2+2 means if it equals 4.) Believe it or not
someone trying to justify child murder outside an abortion facility a few years ago tried this
type of logic on 2+2 = 4. So, I knew the conversation had to end, because if someone doesn’t even agree that there is objective truth, there is no common ground.

I like Fr. Spitzer on EWTN and other venues. He takes higher philosophical ideas and makes them easily understandable. One of the things he shared was that if a person thinks that
God is looking down, looking at a person’s sin and ‘shaking His head,’ with a kind of angry disappointment, like, ‘I wonder if this person is going to make it?’ or the other extreme,
well, God is merciful, I’ll just rationalize and justify my behavior — despair and presumption;
then to the extent a person has these attitudes, keeps them distant from ‘hearing’ God.
God gives peaceful, compassionate, assertive Teaching our wills to bend to God’s Will;
and we sense encouragement like when a good parent teaches and encourages a child.

Be in AWE of God, desire God’s Will, and, yes, fear going against God; but know all things
are possible to God, and God will complete the work in a sincere person which God started.
God is after us, only by Grace do we desire God. So, if you are not deliberately trying to use your freedom, to manipulate others for your benefit — you do not have to worry. Just cooperate with God, with the sincere heart that you conveyed.


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