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I was recently in Rome for the Triduum, and was intrigued by a religious order of monks (brothers?) at Santa Maria Maggiore. For Holy Thursday Mass, they carried the canopy under which the Eucharist was transferred to the tabernacle for adoration: they had a rather military aspect, with tall black boots, a brown scapular, and a thick rope around the waist. Upon the scapular was a fleur-di-lis, with a white right side and a red left side (seen facing them.) They also wore a pin with a medal upon it of some sort, and their hair was cropped close. I had thought that perhaps they were something like the Knights of Columbus, but was told that they were an order from South America (though the sister who told me wasn’t quite sure.) Does anyone happen to be familiar with them?


Sounds like the Knight Templars, but they are a secular Order , if you look up the Internet get a photo of them and see are they similar to what you saw in Rome.


Looking at the Knights Templer, they have a cross upon their chest, rather than the red-and-white fleur-di-lis. And at the moment the name seems closely affiliated with the masonic cult, and as such wouldn’t probably be assisting at the Mass. So I don’t think they are the men.

I had also thought that perhaps they were the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre–whose offices we had passed by earlier–but their ceremonial dress is a white coat with a white cape, upon which is embroidered the Jerusalem Cross in red. So they are not the order either.


Sounds like the Heralds of the Gospel to me. Did they look like this?


Heralds of the Gospel.


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