Ordering sacramentals- reputable site?


What is a legit site that I can order St Benedict and other medals from online AND have them blessed before shipping?

I am aware that already blessed medals can NOT be sold, but there are monastery and church gift shops online that let you purchase it first, then at your request will have it blessed by their priest before shipping. One example is the online shop for Sisters of Carmel, however, they are not in communion with Rome and their medals are blessed by a priest from Holy Servants which is schismatic.

I am looking for another place to order from, that will also bless them, as I am unable to go in person to my church to have them blessed.


Well, here’s a list straight from the Benedictines of some who sell them. Maybe you could call or email them to ask if they call bless them before you buy them?



Thanks, unfortunately only two in English that are actual monastery or church gift shops (and not mass online retailers where they wouldn’t have a priest onsite), and of those two, they only sell bulk buy (packages of 10 for $2 sort of thing) aluminum or keychain type medals. I was hoping to find something a little nicer, to wear as a pendant and give as a gift. Thank you so much for the info though!


Does someone come to bring you Holy Communion? Maybe you could request the priest to come once, and he could also bless your medals?


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