Orders in Florida and/or Michigan


I was wondering if anyone knows of any religious orders in FL or MI that helps pays for personal debt if you are interested in joining?
I am interested in becoming a nun but I will be graduating college next month and have student debt as a result.


Since religious orders take a vow of poverty, they are unable to accept candidates who have any debt. Debts must be taken care of, either through a benefactor or by paying them off before your entrance. There are some helpful ways to take care of these so they don’t pose a problem anymore:

Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations

The Laboure Society

Also check into the Serra Club in your diocese and the Knights of Columbus. Both promote and support vocations to the priesthood and religious life and are known to help those who are discerning to put on fundraisers.

As for the religious orders, what charism are you interested in? Do you want to check out cloistered orders (nuns) or active/contemplative (Sisters) or a mixture of both (semi-contemplative)? Let me know! :slight_smile:


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