Orders or Societies of Traditionalist Priests

I am currently discerning the priesthood and have evry desire to enter a society which uses the Tridentine Mass exclusively. The three major ones I am currently considering are the SSPX, the FSSP and the Institue of Christ the King soverign priest. I was wondering if anybody had any advice concerning these fraternities or could suggest other orders/societies which use the Tridentine Mass exclusively.

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Have you checked out the Canons Regular of St John Cantius? Also, there is a Dominican priory in France that prays the old way. I will try to find that link for you.


FSSPs are AMAZING, they arrived in San Diego over a year ago. DEFINITELY try them out. As a parishioner, I have never encountered Mass as a prayer until I attended one of their Masses. AND I encounter Christ in the confessional as well.

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FSSP are great, as are the Canons Regular and Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate are also dedicated to the E.F. Mass, though I believe they do also occasionally celebrate the N.O. Mass.

One of the priests who celebrates the E.F. Mass at the parish I attend is a Dominican who is rumored to be in the midst of founding a traditionalist Dominican order, which, though an exciting prospect, could be several years away yet.

I would assume that since you mention SSPX you are aware that they are (at this point) canonically irregular, If not, I would recommend studying their status with the Holy See thoroughly before making a commitment to priestly formation with them.

Indeed. Currently Rome has suspended them from active ministry. Thus, by joining them you’d be disobeying the Church’s orders. I second the recommendation of looking at the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. They’re excellent.

Also, while you discern, consider the diocesan priesthood. We need more traditional men in the diocesan hierarchy. There’s some of us here in the seminaries, but nowhere near enough. It is in fact possible to do more for tradition in the diocesan structure than in such a society. Those societies cater to those who already love the EF and other aspects of traditionalism. In the diocesan priesthood you get to introduce the beauty of tradition to those who haven’t been exposed to it. Think about it.

Ultimately, it’s all down to where God calls you. For all you know you’re called to be a Franciscan. :shrug:

ps. Take a look at the blog linked in my sig. Perhaps you’ll find something useful there for your discernment.

I have heard of the Canons Regular of St. John, although I have no idea where their seminary is. The possibility of a Traditionalist Dominican priory is very good news and I am quite interested in it.

Thanks, The FSSP is the one I’m mainly considering now. The only Tridentine Mass in my entire province is said by a Jesuit trained by them, from my experience at Mass they are great!

When you say "they do also occasionally celebrate the N.O. Mass, were you refering to the Franciscan Friars… only? Because I would prefer to be 100% Tridentine. And please if there is ever a traditionalist Dominican Order, send me a link; I love the idea. Also, i am perfectly aware of the SSPX and am highly sympathetic towards them. I believe a cardinal invertigated them for Pope Benedict XVI and determined that they were neither schimatic nor heretical. I only learned of the Tridentine Mass a few years ago when I stumbled upon an article regarding the SSPX.

The possibility of a Traditionalist Dominican priory is very good news and I am quite interested in it.

The name of the place is the Abbey of La Haye de Bonshomme, in Avrille, France.

I cannot find the website I remembered, but see: thetraditionalthirdorderofstdominic.blogspot.com/

and follow the links.


Wouldn’t a “traditionalist Dominican” group (it won’t be an order unless it is part of the Dominican Order under their superior general) celebrate the Dominican Rite? I would find it strange for an Order with its own Rite to celebrate the EF only.

I don’t know. There was a Dominican chapel I used to attend and the services were in English, toward the people. Perhaps they differed from the regular Novus Ordo diocesan services, but if so, the differences were not very noticeable to a layman.

The web page does not describe much, and their home page (in French) appears to be non functioning. :confused:

The web page that is working gives the impression that these Dominicans worship in whatever way they worshipped prior to V2. I don’t know what pre Vatican 2 Dominican worship looks like, or how different it is from the ordinary missal services, though.

Hope that makes it clear! It would be interersting to know more about them. Have you heard of them?

No I haven’t.

I do know that one of the Dominican Provinces in the United States is slowly restoring their use of their Rite. I also believe that in some of the parishes they staff they celebrate the Mass in a number of ways. The OF in the vernacular, the OF in Latin, and their Rite which is in Latin. I am not aware of any Dominicans that celebrate the EF.

Both the FSSP and the SSPX are awesome. If I wasn’t married and was considering the priesthood, I would look no further then these two societies. Good luck in your journey and God bless you during your search.

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