Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump

The Milgram experiment is mentioned in this article.
Milgram wanted to see if people would do horrible things, including torture and killing, because someone in authority told them to. He wanted to see if that was part of why people in Nazi Germany did what they did. And now, we’re seeing where people are willing to do horrible things, because someone in authority told them to, despite the check on that authority saying it’s wrong.


Someone repeating the Stanford Prison Experiment using a Trump mask is fake news, wasted research $$

Who made this up Jane Elliott :smiley:


We’re letting the discredited mainstream media define “inhumane” now, based on their political agenda, fake news, and established narrative?

Unfortunately, not everyone is awake. Some still listen to and believe mainstream media – despite being lied to again and again and again. I think it is like Mark Twain said, it is easier to con a person than it is to convince them that they’ve been conned. (Something like that.)

A different Mark Twain quote came to mind when I came across this thread.

The men and women [US Customs] who reportedly handcuffed small children and the elderly, separated a child from his mother and held others without food for 20 hours, are undoubtedly “ordinary” people.

These accusations are almost certainly false. I saw the widely circulated photo of the handcuffed child. It was quickly shown to be an old photo from a school disturbance. I really doubt whether US Customs employees held people “without food for 20 hours.”

The larger question is why the intense hate for Americans who would control immigration from terrorist countries? All admit that organized terrorist groups are actively trying to commit mass murder. The Left hates on, not the terrorists, but Americans who simply want to protect Americans.

So none of you believes that BCP agents ever do anything like this. I suppose that you right wingers also believe that all prison guards in the U.S. are paragons of virtue, yet I know people in prison ministry and they tell me that abuse is widespread with one mentally ill inmate in Florida being scalded to death in a hot prison shower and his abusers were allowed to remain.

The prisons are inundated with all manner of drugs , weapons, and cell phones and there’s only one way that can happen. Corrupt and abusive guards.

Routine beatings and verbal and mental abuse by guards is endemic and a major factor in the hardened criminals that tend to come out of a corrupt corrections system which contains more inmates than any other country in the world and roughly one quarter of all the world prison population.

And these individuals caught up in what may yet prove to be an illegal executive order are handled by agents who will acknowledge that because the people they are after are not American citizens they have no rights and can be treated any way they please?

If you doubt the veracity of the journalism in question then provide verifiable evidence in your posts that supports that because parroting the propaganda coming from a fascist leader who appears to be in the pocket of at least 2 foreign governments (Saudi Arabia and Russia where he has business interests) just doesn’t prove anything.

In fact it reflects a similar mindset to another Fascist tyrant from the last century who said things like…

“I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature”

“How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”***

Only some of us. Our society fragments more and more.


First, in the Milgram Experiment, the test subjects were acting under direct orders, and in the situation of the EO, the EO did not say, be mean to the people, don’t give them, food, etc. So that fails as an analogy.

A better analogy would have been the Stanford Prison Experiment, but that one shows what people will do when left to themselves, not when they are ordered to do something, so destroys the link the reporter wants to make between Trump and the (apparently very few) people who did something wrong.

I admit that sometimes prison guards behave very badly towards the prisoners. I notice that after 8 years of Obama, this is still happening.

This is a joke article. I don’t doubt these stories could be true. But this is border enforcement. This is modern policing. If you don’t like border enforcement or modern policing that is one thing. But to have selective outrage is a joke.

Yes, right, but what was changed as a result of the Stanford experiment…a big fat NOTHING, and Im guessing nothing will be changed with this either.

Law enforcement is utterly out of control in our times, we have become a police state and its like no one even notices or cares, they think its all in their best interest. LOL

This is an opinion piece not a news story. Should be moved.

Yes. This

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