Ordination Mass


I just have to say that I attended my Diocese Ordination Mass today. It is the first one I have ever seen. I was completely speechless. I saw two men completely enthusiastic about what they were doing. I saw familiar priests supporting them. I felt like as the Holy Spirit descending on them he must have done a fly-by on me because it was that amazing to me. God Bless anyone even considering the Priesthood. I have 3 sons- I wish they could have seen it. :thumbsup:


I am with you KimberlyAnn02 i believe that an ordination Mass is something that every once should witness at least once


I attended my diocese's Ordination Mass, and the vocations director saved a pew for men considering; we were in the third row! :eek:

It was so beautiful, however. The four men ordained today are so inspiring. It was really emotional for me.


I was at an ordination mass today. I don't really know what happened, because my pew was behind a support beam :(.


When I became a Catholic 6 years ago I went to an ordination mass and it was beautiful. About a year later I went to an ordination of our new Bishop, that even topped it. What a blessing.


About three weeks ago I went to my diocese's ordination Mass. It was beautiful. I plan on trying to go to as many of them as possible, including the Chrism Masses. I cannot wait for an episcopal consecration to happen. Our bishop is an incredible homilist, so they're enjoyable.


I went to my diocese’s Ordination Mass about a week ago and it was truly amazing. What I enjoyed the most wasn’t the Mass, it was talking to one of the newly ordained priests afterwards. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I have a feeling that he is going to be an excellent priest. That was an amazing day.


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