ordination of women and pedophiles in vatican article

Can you please explain to me why the Vatican listed the ordination of women and pedophiles in the same article…as those actions “crimes” to be excommunicatable?

Why would it bother you? Could be they were being efficient and putting things that were related (items they’d recently provided clarification on, regardless if they were related otherwise).

If the police were to publish an article on things that were mortally dangerous in the wrong hands and often led to crimes, would you have a problem with them including guns and knives in the same article, even though they are very different from one another? I wouldn’t. Both lead to the same thing: serious injury and death.

Likewise, sex abuse and women’s ordination both kill Divine life in the soul. Both are mortally dangerous to the soul like guns and knives are mortally dangerous to the body.

Because it wanted to tie up a few loose ends about some technical issues in canonical procedures and penalties. These updates come along now and then. It was meant to be a catch-all summary that threw unrelated things together because these issues were all handled by the same Vatican department. Other Vatican departments do the same from time to time for the issues they deal with.

Attempted ordination of a woman and sexual abuse of a minor are both punishable by excommunication, but so are other things. Just because they are mentioned in passing on the same piece of paper has nothing to do with somehow equating them. The MSM are bandying this about as though the Vatican was somehow off its rocker. That is a pathetically irresponsible thing to say, and that fact becomes obvious the moment you actually read the original: press.catholica.va/news_services/bulletin/news/25877.php?index=25877&lang=en#TRADUZIONE%20%20%20IN%20LINGUA%20INGLESE

You will notice that throwing away a piece of communion is “on the same level” as revealing what someone said in confession, but nobody is complaining about that! Nooo, it’s all about the pedophilia and women’s ordination scandals! Because that’s what gets attention these days.

Oh - and the best part - nobody is saying anything about the **doubling of the statute of limitations or the new rules about child pornography. **Nooo, nobody hears about that because it makes the Church look good.

Cathalina, here is an article from the Catholic News Agency which explains the change:

According to the Mexican news agency Notimex, which cited unnamed Vatican sources, the scope of the 2001 decree will also be extended to include not only the “delicta graviora,” or most serious sins, but a number of other sins typically examined by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, even though those sins are not mentioned in the 2001 decree.

This means that sins considered to be “less serious” will be officially subject to the same judicial procedures that were previously reserved in canon law only for sins against the Eucharist, the sacrament of Penance and sexual abuse of minors.

Sins such as the attempted ordination of women to the priesthood and the “crimes against the faith” of heresy, schism and apostasy, that have until now been investigated by the CDF only on an extraordinary basis will fall under their official jurisdiction, thus clearing up any confusion as to where cases must be reported. In other words, it formalizes procedures that may have been followed in practice, but were never made official.


So, it seems female ordination was already being handled in the same manner as pedophile cases. The document listed by Apollos merely clarifies and formalizes existing practice.

However, that doesn’t mean that female ordination and pedophilia are considered to be equally destructive, even though they are both in the same “judicial” category. Here in the US, crimes are often divided into the categories of misdemeanors and felonies. Yet we don’t consider murder and burglary to be equal crimes, even though they are both felonies.

Boy, if that what’s making the Church look we’re in trouble.

You are SO proving my earlier point.

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