Ordination Question?


Hi All!,

Of all the sacraments I could most definitively say I know the least about Holy Orders. I have never been to an ordination in person though I have watched both presbyter and episcopal ordinations online. I was wondering what the bishop says to the newly ordained when he whispers in both of their ears. Does he whisper something different depending if it is a diaconate, presbyter, or episcopal ordination? What is the significance of this? What does it symbolize?

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Good evening to you! I am not sure if this will help, but I came across this website, describing the Rite for Ordination of Priests. It should have the answers to your questions. If it doesn’t, I can do a little more research on it for you :slight_smile: I hope I could help you out!



If you’re talking to the Welcome to the Order, which is part of the liturgy, the ordaining bishop (followed by the other clerics of that order) will usually say “The Lord be with you,” or “Congrats,” or “Welcome,” or something of that effect. Usually, this is accompanied by a very stiff, formal, episcopal hug.


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