Ordination to the Priesthood for two Anglicans

On Thursday I went to the diaconal ordination of Lee Kenyon and James Wright at St. John the Evangelist Church in Calgary.

Today I went to their ordination to the priesthood at the Cathedral: at the same time Anglican priests in Texas were being ordained too.

It was an historic moment, and people were aware of that.

It was a very moving ceremony - as ordinations invariably are. But there was a special something for me at seeing two Anglicans plunging across the Tiber.

The singing and hymns were glorious - full of English pomp and ceremony. And we sang a Catholic version of “I Vow to Thee My Country” that had me choking up in places. I could never sing that lovely hymn previously because I was a stranger in a strange land - a recusant Catholic in England, so this version was very emotional for me.

The liturgy was the OF not the Anglican Use form since it was at the Cathedral, but there were many elements of Anglicanism throughout the ceremony.

A wonderful moment was when the wives of the two newly formed priests helped them to vest.



In any case, it is always great when a priest is ordained to ministry. God bless them!

They were formerly Anglican priests, and married with a family. Under the Anglican Ordinariate they are allowed to be married.

Their wives were very moved and proud of their husbands and helped them vest as Catholic priests for the first time. Like a said, a very moving moment for them.

But this is still an OF rite of ordination right?

I wonder how the Anglican Ordinariate is going to change the face of the Church.

I would think not much. It’s pretty tiny.

I presume they used the OF form because it was at the Cathedral. The ordination into the diaconate on Thursday was Anglican Use.

This is Catholic News, not Catholic Tradition


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