Ordination: Who can vest the newly ordained?


I can’t find in the Rite for Ordination (Diaconate), who can vest the newly ordained. Is it a tradition for a deacon to vest a new deacon, and a priest to vest a new priest? Can the parents of the newly ordained vest him? Can a nun?
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I don’t know what the “rule” is, but I do know that my previous pastor was vested by his father, in his home parish, who was dying of cancer. They allowed him to be ordained a couple of months early, due to the limited amount of time his dad had left as well.


At the diaconal ordinations I’ve attended, I’ve seen the vesting done by the new deacon’s: pastor, priestly friend, spouse, spouse and children, brother, deacon friend, and I may be missing a few variations also. But not sure if there’s an official “rule.” It may be something set down by the local bishop.


What I’ve seen (and I’ve been to quite a number of ordinations) is that they are vested by someone with at least the same imposition of Holy Orders.

A priest might vest a deacon (since the priest also participates in Diaconal Orders) or he might be vested by another Deacon.

In the case of married deacons, I have seen the vestments passed to the vester by the spouse, but I have not seen the spouse do the actual vesting.

That just might be how it is done in our diocese


What I have seen is there is a clergy. (I have seen Deacons vesting at a Deacon ordination This was someone with a relationship but I have seen family there as well.


I have always seen deacons vest new deacons; priest vest new priests. I’m unsure if this is mentioned in liturgical law, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just custom that varied from location to location.


To my understanding, only the ordained may vest the newly ordained. Typically it is a person who has a personal connection to the ordinand; i.e. pastor, spiritual director, family member, etc. But it is allowed and very customary for a lay person to assist by handing the vestments to the cleric who will vest the newly ordained. In my case my wife assisted my pastor. In priestly ordinations it is very common to see the mother of the ordinand assist a priest in the vesting. I don’t think there is a requirement to be of equal or higher rank in the clerical state to vest but I could be wrong on that point.

In five years, God willing, I will be able to vest my son at his diaconate ordination and if allowed to vest him at his priestly ordination in six years my heart will explode!:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: That is awesome!!!


I concur 200%. May the LORD continue to richly bless both you, Dcn. Gary, and your son. :thumbsup:




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