Ordinations to the Priesthood (Institute of Christ the King)


The institute is going to ordain 2 new seminarians to the priesthood this June 15 on the Feast of the Sacred Heart in St. Louis. I won’t be able to attend, but if anyone could, could they bring a video camera and record it. Then post it on youtube? They dont have any traditional ordinations on video, just solemn high mass, missa cantata and low masses. Thanks! I know the internet plays a great role in spreading information. I know it was on youtube that I first saw a traditional mass or a video of one. These videos would spread interest among curious younger catholics. :smiley: Try to get the whole thing:thumbsup: anyone?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go either. :crying:

I will Be Attending (if God is willing)
and I will Be Recording the event

I will post video on youtube or something similar and share on my blog



Wish I could join you Chris, but I have this whole moving thing going on these next few weeks. I pray you…get to go and have a phenomenal time

It’ll be tough (be a race against time at work to finish in time) but I’ll be there. Won’t be able to video though.

By the way, the St. Louis Review (newspaper of the Archdiocese) has an article up on the ordinations: stlouisreview.com/article.php?id=13095

Peace in Christ,


Thanks so much! :thumbsup:

I was invited to the ordinations, where I would have met Msgr. Wach and Msgr. Schmitz, however my exam shedule will prevent that. I do hope to be able to meet with Msgr. Schmitz sometime this summer though :slight_smile:

Part 1 of the video is now up on my blog


also pictures as well.

have to run to work

PART 2 Coming soon


There are a few updates on the ordination as well on this blog…


If anyone had trouble viewing the video before you may want to try again

it is now hosted and played in a different method please try again

Here is another one.


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