Oregon Court Orders Frozen Embryos Destroyed, Considered "Property Rights" Issue

By Kathleen Gilbert PORTLAND, Oregon, October 10, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday denied a father’s appeal to keep his six frozen embryos alive, and ordered that the embryos be destroyed by thawing, as ordered by his ex-wife. The court also ruled that…

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Dang! Would you trust that woman as a pediatrician for your child?

On what basis are the embryos any more hers than his?

The court, while narrowly avoiding calling embryos “property,” decided that authority over the embryos did constitute a matter of private property, as Dr. Angle had argued. However, the court ultimately ruled in favor of Dahl, and saw insufficient reason to override the OHSU agreement giving Dahl primary decision-making powers in regards to the fate of the embryos.

Hm… I can remember another time in U.S. History when human life was considered property…

Sadly, so very ironic, isn’t it?


Oregon court sides with mother, orders destruction of frozen-embryo 'property’
A court in Oregon has rejected a father’s effort to preserve a group of frozen embryos, siding with the mother who claimed “property rights” over them and wanted them destroyed. . . .

So now the pre-born are property. This is why we need them legally declared persons with rights.

Quoting from the article:
“In 2000, Drs. Angle and Dahl had married and given birth to a son, and in 2004 decided to conceive again via in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The treatment failed, and six embryos were frozen for indefinite preservation. The agreement signed by both parties named Dahl as the default decision-maker concerning the fate of the embryos, should the couple separate.”

My point exactly. I believe that the laws need to be changed using this as the legal point. For in our country human beings can never be considered property. This what CIVIL RIGHTS and WOMANS SUFFRAGE were all about.

Maybe it can mark a new time period in the history of civil rights in general… this nation talks about the rights of women, homosexuals, minorities, animals, the environment, etc. Why don’t we embark on a special campaign to further the rights of unborn human life (In some ways, I guess, it’s already started)? Why can’t civil rights activists jump on this bandwagon???

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