Oregon leads the way in decriminalizing hard drugs

Should Oregon residents get ready for their public parks to get covered by used hypodermic needles?

I am glad I don’t live there!

After watching Portland this year, I thought they already were legal. :thinking:

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And New Jersey voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

They need to rename the state “Ore-gone.”

Who cares? Less people locked up for minor offenses.

Yes only homeless people use hard drugs. Therefore it’s not a matter of reforming the system to help all those affected. Opioid crisis? What crisis?

No offense, StudentMI, but Dr. Drew Pinsky has blamed Propositions 47 and 57 for exacerbating the homeless crisis in California.

The guy who hosted Loveline?

Yes. He also did Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Oh well, reality tv show host. Can’t beat that.

It would be fine if Oregon were simultaneously to declare hard drugs a state monopoly so that they could tax it. Then for once drug users could become a contibutor to the public purse rather than a drain on it.

Long overdue. Hope more states follow soon (the effort’s already starting in Washington).

Well, StudentMI, do you want homeless people openly relieving themselves in front of your place of residence?

It looks like they’re still going to punish drug users, but they’re just going to force them to attend rehab courses or pay fines. I’m not sure why that would make it more likely that people will use drugs in public.

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Oh, Drugs do nothing, Hard drugs are not the problem, incarceration is, people say. Well how do we deal with this?

My uncle wanted to sell my stuff for drugs when I was a teenager, but me grandma fought with him about it. He killed a person latter (not related to selling my stuff), and was running from police for weeks. His family is destroyed, he does not talk with the family, we lost track of him, and we only hear about him when his own children find out a little about him. I do miss him, but have no idea where or how he is.

My cousin died of weed mixed with hard drugs. He was young. Died in his fathers arms, at his home, with mama on the phone calling 911. The last words he said was… Dad I do not feel well. He had came in from watering the grass while it was raining.

Due to Drugs my cousin was shot dead at his house, by his friend, who also shot at his brother and other friend, where rounds made it in to the house where the family was sleeping. All because it was late, and the guy who began two shoot everyone did not wanted to leave.

When I was a teen, my friend invited me to go and do some stuff with some girls, I refused because there was drugs involved, and the next day everyone that went, ended in the hospital, with a car that was totaled.

I can go on and on, and have not mentioned other horror stories that I know of, related to drugs and power. People being tortured for crossing the “territory” of others. Recently a woman was massacred. They fired a few full magazines at her vehicle while she was in it. They left, she was barely alive, managed to press the gas, moved the car and they drove back emptying a lot of rounds at her. All because of Drugs. There was a friend who mourned her loss on Facebook, and because she posted a message mourning her loss, she was also murdered similar stile.

Oh, but drugs are harmless, people say. Yes? to whom?

Check out what the aforementioned Dr. Drew Pinsky has had to say regarding the drug and homeless problems in California. There are good reasons why conservative commentator Ben Shapiro decided to leave the Golden State this year. Do people really want Oregon and Washington State to become California? Keep in mind that I’m a California resident myself.

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