Oregon man on horse lassoes would-be bicycle thief


EAGLE POINT, Ore. - A bike thief was lassoed by a bystander on a horse, catching him in the act, reports CBS Affiliate KTVL in Oregon.


Now that is a great story, it involves a cowboy that saves the day for a damsel in distress. Ye-ha!


Good catch, as an avid cyclist, I love it! :smiley:


The best story - ever! :smiley:


Great story!


A modern-day hero! :):D:thumbsup::yup::clapping::bounce:


This article got me thinking. Sometimes you see cops on horseback, well why not give them lassoes and train them how to use them. It could be a tool to enhance law enforcement.


Move over, Lucky Luke! :D:thumbsup:


Way to go Oregon Robert for catching a thief’ be blessed! Love this cowboy story; thanks for posting it. Nice to read something uplifting today.



Quick! Little Joe! Hoss! Ride into town and get the sheriff!


I wonder if De Sica ever thought of it as a western?;):cool:

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