Oregon priest leaves Catholic Church


Such a shame! Made even more so by parishioners who believe that the Evangelical Catholic Church is ok to go to and they will be in full communion…:frowning:

I found a website that claimed to be the Evangelical Catholic Church but I don’t think it has to do with this story, it seemed to be oriented towards the Orthodox Faith.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcuta said, “When you go before God, He is not going to ask you “your superior was right or wrong? " God’s question will be “Did you obbey?”” In my opinion the Church is suffering from a lack of obbidience…You are part of the Church because you believe it is Christ Church, you don’t leave the Truth for any reason. I am sure there are many problems in our Church, but I am not leaving, Jesus said " I will stay with you till the end of times” And i believe Him…don’t you?

Sad. Pray for the Bishop, this priest and the confused laity.


Loyalty is a virtue few people with a large amount of intellectual pride hold dear. It is an important bond between a priest and his Bishop. So too is that old fashioned virtue -obedience in the face of a lack of comprehension of the basis of the order given.
For this sad priest to lose his Orders is a tragedy, but to lose his reason in the gall and bile of his pride is worse. We must pray for all concerned especially the confused laity who never seem to get the full story.

Today, Tuesday the 5th day of the Divine Mercy novena: Today bring to Me the souls of those who have separated themselves from the Church.

More prayers for Father Radloff & his followers.

In reading the article, I am pretty sure it is not clear about what was done here. And in reading some of the things that make the ECC different, I am saddened that people can just change their beliefs so easily.

From the article:

According to its website, the ECC allows married deacons, priests and bishops; grants “marital dissolution”; encourages divorced or remarried Catholics to return to “the full sacramental life of Catholicism”; and accepts same-sex marriages.

FYI - In case anyone is confused, they do not offer all valid Sacraments. In the case of schismatic sects, they have no valid confession or confirmation. Yes, the Holy Eucharist is valid, but very, very, very illicit.

It’s a shame! I ended up Facebook friends with the priest beforehand through a mutual friend. When he announced this today, I posted that I would pray for him and that I was sad he was leaving the true Catholic church. What surprised me was how many people were so easily ready to switch and got upset when I said it was NOT in communion with the Catholic Church. I told them they were able to do what they want but they should know the truth and be informed. Sad that people will leave their faith for a personality…

After Mass the other day, I saw our Priest leave the Church but I doubt it will get any articles written about it in the newspaper.

The NCR article links to Fr. Radloff’s letter dated April 22. In that letter, Radloff links to the ECC’s website.

Anyone know what you got trouble with the bishop in the first place?


I doubt those people really know the power in the sacraments. For too many of us, the Church is a social club - so we’re free to agree, disagree, decide on our own rules, etc.

You just gotta hate the murky secrecy that often surrounds these controversies. I tell my priest the absolute worst things I’ve ever done in confession, yet more than once in my life I’ve had a priest vanish from the earth with no explanation and an official refusal to give one when asked.

What’s UP with that? I understand that the bishop probably feels obligated to refrain from publicly airing concerns that could undermine a priest’s good name. But for goodness sake, forcibly removing a priest from his pastor position does that BY ITSELF. Just airing the truth is not uncharitable. Setting up an aura of supposition and uncertainty does.

The church has a canonical legal system older than any still functioning governmental legal system on earth. Here’s a radical idea: How about we actually USE it when there are charges to be made and investigated?

I’m sure there is much more to the story then told. At first I wasn’t sure about any of it. But having this priest suddenly leave like this is sad. Worse yet is the “cult” type following. I tried to point out information to these people, saying “you have to follow your conscience but here are the facts about leaving”…which I guess the priest did not like as he unfriended me on Facebook. If what you are doing is so above board and you are the innocent injured party…then what are you afraid of in a different opinion? I said nothing against the priest in this but I also said nothing against the Bishop.

What is interesting is that now that he is not under a confidentiality clause, he still has posted nothing about why he was removed. He wants his personel records…is that so he can see what is on there before speaking? Why if you are innocent? And I’m guessing the Bishop is not wanting to speak bad publically about this priest or devulge the party that had an issue.

National Catholic Reporter has published a Q&A on Scribd:

Well that is certainly a work of fiction…

I am certainly beginning to see why Bishop Cary may have removed him.

Well, he will find out just how fun it is when everyone in the pew is your boss…

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