Oreo Built a ‘Doomsday’ Vault to Protect Its Recipe and Cookies


I say bring back the original Hydrox cookies.

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You have to wonder why, apart from the US the rest of the world could care less about Oreos.

I thought that as well, but apparently they are popular abroad.

I loved those!

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The recipe is different here. Our Oreos are imported from Asian countries and contain lard.

Really? In the creme center or in the cookie part?

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Not sure, The ingredients list states lard. They are made in Thailand or Vietnam. There are probably a few other recipe changes. It must be dependent on availability of local ingredients. I will have to look next supermarket trip.

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Are Oreos popular in Australia, I haven’t lived there for a couple decades and don’t recall seeing them. Arnotts variety cookies (biscuits) were definitely the favorite in Australia, I still like them better than Oreos and can buy them online here in the US. I have read that Starbucks opened a bunch of coffee shops in Australia that didn’t last long and they closed down, Australia has one of the best coffee cultures on the planet, much of it brought to Australia by Italian and Greek immigrants, so having burned coffee from Starbucks didn’t go down well at all.

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This must be why everything has so much sugar in the US. I eat packaged cookies and cupcakes and, wow, they are just way too over-the-top sweet! I like to be able to taste a bit of chocolate when I eat a chocolate cupcake!

I’m sure they weren’t that sweet when I was young…

There are more and more flavours of oreos, plus oreo laden products like icecream, available in supermarkets. They are selling.

Arnotts do timtams ( most popular biscuit) and are an Australian made company. They are also working to stop using palm oil in their products. There was a big campaign a few years back that targeted Arnotts and a few other companies over the palm oil issue. Do you remember kit kats?

Starbucks coffee tastes were not that well directed to Australia. I think thats why they sunk. Coffee came here with the Italians in the 50s and the Lygon st culture in Melbourne as a coffee culture. Not sure if we did coffee before that :coffee:

We do a lot of sugar here too. Its become a health issue. Mars bars are walking sugar bowls!

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