Organic expierence


**Dear Brothers and Sisters in the SACRED HEART!!

I was wondering. Of course Pappa Bendict is resigning :( :sad_bye::bighanky::sad_bye::bighanky:

However, I wanted to start a thread in honor of something that in my opinion was a very smart move. I love how His desire was to combine the expierence of the Ordinary Form with the Extraordinary Form. He made the EF available for those Catholics who couldn't do without it, and for those Catholics (probably like me) who loved how complementary the two forms are. It does make for a "Organic" expierience as Pappa put it. I love how the Lectionary draws more richly from the WORD of Our LORD, and I love the Solemn reverence of how the EF handles something such as Sacred Scripture.

1 I like because of its rich Scriptural base, and the Other I like on how much Pride of Place Scripture was given. Of course, the WORD is not equal to the SACRIFICE, however, next to the SACRIFICE, it obviously is the "Next biggest thing" in HOLY MASS, in either Form.

What do you think of having a combined expierence of Both Liturgies? Thought, opinions? **


Personally, I find it hard to follow when I watch daily Mass on EWTN and part of it's in English and part of it in Latin.


I've often thought (loving both the EF and OF) that a combination would be wonderful. The only thing is I worry that it would cause further division rather than fostering unity. Because I know what a Mass like that would look to me and I am one person of many, many, many. How would we decide without getting bogged down by details and losing sight of what Mass truly means?

However, maybe it's possible. An intriguing idea, nonetheless (you and I can't be the only one's who have had this thought ;)). Thanks for bringing it up and I look forward to hearing other points of view.


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