Organized religion?


Does anyone happen to know of any books that is kinda a question and answer type book about organized religion? My brother thinks its rediculous to be a part of an organized religion and that it religions are not helping anyone come together. So if you know of any books that answer some of the arguments people like my brother have, please post here. Thanks!


Just post away any objections he comes up with and plenty will answer! :slight_smile:

Don’t know of any good books and I would be hesitant to recommend one because we are dealing with problems in the basic thought process that need to be dealt with first. One being his objection that religions do not “bring anyone together”. The question for him is how did he arrive at the conclusion that we are all supposed to be brought together? Why is this more authoritative than someone else’s conclusion that the world is strictly dog-eat-dog?



Is it religion that he objects to, or organization?


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