Organizer, restaurant owner defend Nazi-themed party in Minneapolis


Good grief.

You can also see more photos from the event here:


Unless you believe the organizer is lying, why do you have a problem with the event? If you think he is lying, what is your basis for that belief?




Why do I have a problem with people dressing up like genocidists for a fun party? Why do I have a problem with people attempting to divorce WWII from the Holocaust? Is it really necessary to answer these questions?


Did you read the article?




Then I guess you really hate The Sound of Music? It is after all a “fun” musical with people dressed up as Nazis.

Or what about Civil War reenactments? At least half of the participants are having a good time dressing up as soldiers defending the institution of slavery.

I have more of an issue with people who chose to ignore parts of history than those who have an interest.


I’m confused why they included lots of Nazi stuff but apparently only one person dressed as an American soldier. But on the whole it sounds like this was a lack of taste and tact rather than a deliberate glorification of Nazi Germany.


I don’t understand this story. Are they are a group of re-enactors or not? No re-enactment events are listed or explained. There’s 1 Italian and 1 American re-enactor, but all of the rest are Nazi? Eh?

If they’re dressing up like this for fun, I’d say they have mental problems and I wouldn’t want to frequent that restaurant. I certainly wouldn’t threaten it though, but I wouldn’t ever dine there.


I’m confused about re-enactors in general. The group did say that they screen their members to ensure that no neo-nazis or white separatists are allowed to join, so it sounds pretty innocuous. They are not marching through the streets in their uniforms or anything like that, so I don’t see the problem.

Regarding the restaurant, the group is not affiliated with the restaurant. The owner, a Polish immigrant, had this to say:

A native of Poland who came from a town, Kozienice, that saw a brutal purge of its Jewish residents during World War II, Pierzchalski said he doesn’t believe in Nazism but cherishes the freedom he found in the United States when he emigrated here in 1993. He said he’s been taken aback by the hostile reaction many people have had to the party, including threatening online comments and phone calls to the restaurant. “So now we have a lot of bad messages on our phones; they want to burn down the building,” he said.
“We live in a free country…but from the comments I see, a lot of people they don’t see what freedom is. If I break the law, punish me. But we did this for so many years and everything was fine.”

Interesting that the OP opposes the group but didn’t say a word about the threats of violence against them.:shrug:




The Sound of Music is a play that tells a worth-while story, one that points out how the German take-over of Austria affected one family. How would the story be told without those uniforms? Actors acting a part are quite different from people dressing up as racist murderers for a sick, twisted version of “fun.”

Many Southerners would tell you that the Civil War was about preserving states’ rights, not slavery. And re-enactors are more about experiencing the lives that soldiers lived, no matter which side of the battle field on which they served, than any ideological affinity. The party-goers are not attempting to live the lives that the Nazis did.

The host is, of course, right. He does have the freedom in this country to stage parties that glorify the worst of human nature. The rest of us also have the right to excoriate him for it.


I wonder I the OP had read the whole article. It was fairly long and it did not mentioned the threats until about 2/3’s down the first page. :slight_smile: :confused:


Machs nicht es.


No one should ever threaten anyone in such a manner. I’m not trying to excuse that, those people should be sought after by law enforcement.

Still, though, while I would never wear a nazi uniform or a klan robe or burn a Bible, etc., if I did choose to do so, even for “reenactment” purposes, I would be quite cognizant of the fact that if it ever “got out” then there would be some serious explaining to do.

Never really seen civil war reenactors other than in Gettysburg and such, when it’s obvious what they’re doing. And whenever confederate soldiers are around, there’s always union ones not so far behind and you totally understand the context.

In this particular case, with regards to the “reenactment”, what exactly is it that they’re trying to reenact? A Nazi dinner party? :confused:


Wait – you really think I’d link to an article that I hadn’t read myself? :confused: Any why is it necessary to imply this twice?


Indeed. Boycotting seems like a smart response.

*]This wasn’t a reenactment. No one was “learning” anything via this experience.
*]The owner has the right to host this group.
*]The rest of us have the right to shut the restaurant down by no longer patronizing it.


Don’t know. Like I said, I don’t understand reenactments anyway.

I have a friend who is into the Renaissance Festival that is held near here each fall and he dresses up as some kind of medieval character. He and a bunch of the other characters like to get together to party at the end of the season and they dress up in their costumes. I don’t think that they try to reenact a medieval party, they just eat and have adult beverages. He said that it is just a lot of fun getting together with people who like to dress up. I guess it is no worse than Halloween.




So was the organizer honest or was he lying?

Did you have any issue with those making threats against the group or do you support such tactics?




Well, you gotta have enough common sense to realize that dressing up in medieval garb isn’t the same thing as dressing up in Nazi uniforms.

Medieval garb isn’t tied directly to genocide, Nazi stuff is. No one living was a victim of an onslaught of medieval knights, we’ve still got people alive that survived the death camps.


So you *are *calling the organizer and the restaurant owner liars.

The owner has the right to host this group.

Good to know.

The rest of us have the right to shut the restaurant down by no longer patronizing it.

Kinda like we would have the right to shut down a restaurant that refused to serve black people?




No kidding?

How about demons on Halloween? How about mass murderers on Halloween?

How about the confederate reenactors? Should they be shamed and banished from society?




The organizer and the restaurant owner may or may not be liars – I have no idea because that’s not the issue. This was a Christmas party for those who participate in historical reenactments. Did *you *read the article?

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