Organizers cancel Women’s March in Humboldt County for being too white


They better not exclude prickly pear cactus. :rage:

And why should non-species be excluded?


Married white females are frowned upon, too.


Whites constitute only 40% of the population in my Canadian City. That’s less than half. At what point can I, as a white male, claim minority privileges?

I am married to a non-white woman. At my parish whites are few and far between. Does that give me diversity brownie points?


Only if married to a Christian white man.

Never, any disadvantage you face is justice for the inherent advantages your ancestors had in the past.

It just means your children benefit from white privilege.


Only if she voted for Trump.

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No. it just means not only straight, white, Christian, or male.


Untrue, no organization composed of non-whites is ever criticized for lack of diversity and told to add more whites for instance.


Immaterial to my comment.


No, it just exposes the hypocrisy of diversity advocates.


It might, if it were shown to be accurate. I don’t think, however, that the claim can be proven.


It is a negative claim, it can only be disproven and you clearly are unable to, otherwise you would have come up with an example.


Since diversity is a concept that is totally unsuited for whites, Christians and men who check the first 2 boxes, it follows that they need different and better concepts obtain justice and secure their own interests.


IOW, the claim cannot be proven. That is sufficient.


Perception is reality and a majority of the relevant opinions agree overarching issue. Whites are under attack in the USA.

  1. Perception is perception. Reality is reality.
  2. You may think that it is only whites who have “the relevant opinions”, but if you don’t filter out the opinions of others, you will find that the idea that " White people are currently under attack in this country" is not held by a majority.

On the other hand, the idead that " Racial minorities are currently under attack in this country" is affirmed by both a majority of all respondents and a majority of white respondents.

  1. As you pointed out, it cannot be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Therefore all we have left is the perception of the white, Christian male on the street. If he perceives that he is being attacked, in practical terms there will be no difference between perception and reality. He will evaluate things accordingly, for instance noticing that diversity always seems to work against him.

  2. Only whites have the relevant opinions here because only white can determine how they will react to this reality as they perceive it.


I notice that your link also filtered out Jews, while leaving among relgious groups in the cohort: Muslims, Hindus, None, and Other.


From the article:

Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community,” said the statement. “Instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent, the organizing team will take time for more outreach.”

This is a race-based statement. The idea that a perspective, a point of view, has its roots in the amount of melanin in one’s skin is preposterous.
The idea that someone can or can’t do something or believe something or express something because of their race is racism.


Your point?

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