Organizers of Rio's Paralympics say one venue will close due to deep budget cuts


[quote=Associated Press]Rio has less than three weeks to prepare for Paralympics, the pinnacle of the disability sport calendar where organizers hoped to build on progress made at the well-attended games in London four years ago. But Rio organizers have reported sales of just over 290,000 tickets for the Sept. 7-18 Paralympics.

“At this point, it is difficult for us to expect the full venues that we saw in Beijing or London, or expect to see in Tokyo in four years’ time,” International Paralympic Committee President Philip Craven said Friday.

The IPC said it has already sought to reduce costs over the last year and the new, deeper “major budget cuts” will affect every team and visitors to the games.

“Never before in the 56-year history of the Paralympic Games have we faced circumstances like this,” Craven said. “Since becoming aware of the full scale of the problem, we have focused all of our efforts on finding solutions to the problems.”


This is sad. With the promise of expanded television coverage, I thought the Paralympics were about to become well-established in the public mind.


“Budget cuts.” I keep hearing that, but I’m starting to wonder whether that is a viable excuse…


With all the sob stories of empty seats at the main Games, this is in no way a surprise.



I don’t understand. Could you explain more? :confused:


Well, can we actually tell when there is a real need for budget cuts and when it is for another purpose? Businesses and organizations are not as transparent today as they once were.


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