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So here is a random question: does anyone know how to organize a Vocation’s Fair at a college? Because I really feel that my school should have one. It would be a great way to at least put the idea out there for more people. I know schools like Franciscan and Christendom and Dayton have stuff like this. So why not my school? I would like to propose the idea to Campus Ministry once I become an intern. I would be more than willing to help organize it.


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No advice, but I think it’s great what you are attempting to do. I’m praying for your efforts!:clapping:


I don’t know what type school you are at which makes it difficult to provide guidance. Generally speaking you need to create a proposal as well as prove there is a need for it. I attended one once and they had not only the local religious groups but also all of the local Catholic movements, schools including theological schools etc. They had the local groups sing and every group had a table. It was quite a success. They also provided food as in pizza for a minimal cost.

These types of things are big things to organize which means if you are serious, be prepared to work like crazy. A venue that is easily accessible, plus having the support of your local diocese will help to make it a large success. You can also invite surrounding religious orders that are not necessarily in your area as well. If you want it done properly be prepared to spend months planning it. An good time for the event to be held would be sometime in September or October since that is when people will be starting school. School will be finished soon therefore it could be too late to organize something this semester. Using the social media will also help since most young people rely upon the social media for all of their information.

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Why not just incorporate it into the schools job fair or career day?

I believe most schools have these events or something similar. This would be a good way for someone with an interest in the Church or a possible calling to find out what it’s all about in a low pressure way. Coordinate it with the local parish, or even more than one, this way a priest could be on hand to help answer questions. And if there is a monastery in the area, they might be interested in being there also.

Also, community days are great opportunities to meet a lot of people and again, it’s in a relaxed atmosphere, so check your local area and see if they have one of these days on their calender.

Just a thought…:slight_smile:


That is a good idea. That would also be a lot of work too. I mean, it doesn’t even have to be a full forced Vocation’s Fair if it’s not possible but I would like to try to have more Vocational events going on here on campus. I am meeting with our Campus Ministry Director tomorrow to discuss what I would like to do as an intern. So I am going to talk to her about it because it’s something I would like to see more of here.


Well, the first two questions I had were answered.

Can you put up a rack of vocational literature?

Start locally first. Contact your local diocesan vocations director and see if he/she has any ideas. Which communities are there locally? Begin with the local ones for your first fair and see how that goes. If you start inviting communities from out of your region, you may have to think of reimbursing them for their expenses.

There are “potboiler” communites, just like some concerts have to have certain favorites to please their audience. I think you would know which ones I would be talking about.

How much space would you have to work with? Is there a common area where job/college fairs are held? My son’s community college has an all-purpose room where just about anything is held.

I have lots of voc lit for cloistered communites. Please let me know if you would be interested in my sending you a package.

May St Thomas Aquinas pray for your efforts!


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