Orginisations prohibited by the Catholic church

Does anyone have a complete list of organisations prohibited by the Catholic church?

What do you mean “organisations prohibited by the Catholic church?” A list of organizations Catholics are prohibited from being a part of?



I think the Masons are one of them.

Yeah, the masons are on, as are occult groups (obviously).

I don’t think there’s an official list, dude. It’s pretty much just a matter of common sense.



I think their is at least a partial list.

From New Advent:

B]It may be well, therefore, to state that no Catholic is allowed, as a member of any society whatever, to take an oath of blind and unlimited obedience; or promise secrecy of such a nature that, if circumstances require it, he may not reveal certain things to the lawful ecclesiastical or civil authorities; or join in a ritual which would be equivalent to sectarian worship (see SOCIETIES, SECRET).

Even when a society is **founded by Catholics **or is constituted principally of Catholics, it is **possible for it to degenerate into a harmful organization **and call for the intervention of the authority of the Church. Such was the fate of the once brilliant and meritorious French society “Le Sillon,” which was condemned by Pius X (25 Aug., 1910).

We have our bishops to help with this. For example, groups like Call to Action, Voice of the Faithful, etc. are groups which some bishops discourage the faithful from joining; some bishops have gone so far as to discipline members in their dioceses. But usually the putative “Catholic” groups are a different story and require different treatment from the secret societies (such as the Freemasons) which are non-Catholic in origin and involve, explicitly, as part of the requirements of membership, taking oaths or doing other things which directly contradict Church teachings.

Freemasonry is one such organization and organizations which are anti-Catholic, for another, quasi-church organizations or fraternities not recognized by the Church, and all occult organizations such as Rosicrucians, Theosophical Society, etc.

The Party of Death

To Pete:

Yeah, like Tantum says, the bishops will occasionally speak out against a group here or a group there when they find it necessary, but I’m all but positive there is no “master list” sitting around anywhere, like there used to be a list of “banned books”. (Maybe that’s the list you were thinking of???)



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