Orgnization of the church


How does the organization differ from other churches and why is it that we do not have apostles in the organization of our church like others do?


You would have to be a lot more specific with your question in order to have any sort of meaningful discussion. “Other churches” is much too broad to make a comparision. Each of the non-Catholic denominations organize themselves differently. Comparisons would have to be made to specific groups. Did you have anything in particular in mind?

The Bishops are the successors of the Apostles and receive the authority of binding and loosing through the laying on of hands and the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Authoritatively speaking, the Bishops occupy the office originally occupied by the Apostles. That is why in the Creed we state we are One, Holy, Catholic, and **Apostolic **church. There is an entire section in the Catechism on this topic.

The Apostles, strictly speaking, were only those men who walked with Christ.


It differs primarily in that the Catholic Church has always had and always have one primary authority on earth, the pope. Most other communities of Christians do not have any central authority. which is why many feel that they may believe and worship as they see fit even within the same community. Which is why I might add, all the other differences have materialized.


The Pope is the chief Bishop of the Church. He is the successor to the Apostle Peter in an unbroken line that goes back nearly 2,000 years.

He has a College of Cardinals who are responsible for various aspects of the Church, such as education, social welfare, disciplines of the Church, and so on.

The Pope also appoints Bishops for every Diocese in the world.

Each of these Bishops in turn ordains and appoints priests for every parish in his Diocese. He also ordains and appoints Deacons to assist him in various ways, including doing their Diaconal ministry in parishes alongside priests.

The last Apostle was St. John. He died some time between 95 and 100 AD, which was a really long time ago. The Bishops are the successors of the Apostles.


Hehe. If you are aware of a church with leaders who are 2,000 years old and were present at the events of the New Testament, then MAYBE they have apostles in their org chart. Please let us know which church this is! :wink:

Best any church can say is that they have the DIRECT SUCESSORS of the apostles as leaders (now called bishops and patriarchs). Guess who can demonstrate that claim?


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