Oriana Fallaci's views on Islam

Have any people here read her books about Islam? And if you do, are they an excellent resource on Islam or it misrepresents Islam?

[quote=Lubos Motl]Oriana Fallaci, a famous journalist and former antifascist partisan, offers her fascinating views on Islam, its history, and the threats facing the Western civilization as well as her personal story that has become even more striking after the 9/11 attacks. For security reasons, Fallaci had to move to America, a country she views as the main hope of the Western civilization, and so do I, a citizen of the Czech Republic.

During the last years, she became the target of many fanatical Muslims and their fatwas as well as their left-wing allies who have made her life in Italy virtually impossible: her identification with Master Cecco, a victim of the inquisition, is certainly justified. But it was cancer that ultimately killed this extraordinary woman last week.

Much like Fallaci, I count myself as a Christian atheist. As most scientists, I appreciate the tough struggles between science and Christianity in which the Church was wrong. Nevertheless, these old disputes seem rather subtle in comparison with the outrageous recent attacks against the main principles underlying the Western civilization, including the power of reason and arguments as opposed to violence and intimidation. Why were the controversies relatively subtle?

As the Pope Benedict XVI, who privately met Fallaci a few months before she died, recently explained in Regensburg, the God of Christianity is restricted by His own words and by the laws of logic and mathematics. Allah is not restricted by anything and his followers are not restricted either. They will do anything to spread their beliefs. This fact is magnified by the ambiguous relation between the Quran and violence. Fallaci explains in detail how the Muslim clerics in Europe - a part of the future Eurabia - teach their believers that they shouldn’t be restricted by the local laws.


Lubos Motl has more to say about The Force of Reason, but it is probably not appropriate here…

motls.blogspot.com/2006/09/oriana-fallaci-force-of-reason.html (For the remainder of the review and it is now back on Amazon.com)

Do you like Lubos Motl’s review and do you agree with her thesis? Do you think I should read The Force of Reason?

BTW, what do you think of Lubos Motl’s religious beliefs? He is a “Christian atheist”. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

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