Oriental Orthodox Christianity pertaining to: Catholic sacraments and salvation

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I recently visited Ethiopia which has Ethiopian Tewahando Christianity, a subset of the Coptic Church in the Oriental Orthodox Christianity, as the state religion.

It got me thinking: what’s the Catholic Churchs’ view on Oriental Orthodox?

Can they share sacraments with each other? What about salvation? Can the Coptics be saved if they follow the Oriental Orthodox Church’s teachings to a T?

Valid church with valid sacraments. In fact, we’re closer to union with them than with the EO. We’ve signed a common Christological statement.

Not sure.

Of course.

No sharing of sacraments, except under extraordinary conditions laid down for them and similar groups in canon law. Their sacraments are valid. If they belong to such communions in good faith, then their sacraments can benefit them unto salvation. If not in good faith–that is, if guilty for being in the objective state of schism or heresy–they can’t.

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Given that Rome has entered formal agreement with the OO for pastoral care for one another’s faithful in the absence of their own clergy . . .

The OO are actually closer to communion with the RCC than the EO at this time, I believe.

And several years ago, after years of discussion, a joint statement issued that might be paraphrased as, “Uhh, about that schism, and what we said the other guy was saying . . . never mind; they were saying the same thing as us with different words! . . . we just each put our own incorrect interpretation on the other’s words . . .”


Oh, and particularly for @salibi . . . when I was there as honor guard for the Maronite bishop consecrating the local church . . . he actually turned to bang his head on the wall in frustration over the folks that wanted the whole liturgy in arabic . . . :roll_eyes:

If anyone is interested, the Holy See began an official dialogue with the Oriental Orthodox in 2003 that meets yearly. Their reports are available, along with joint declarations of Pope and Patriarchs, at Pro Unione.

Of particular interest is the 2015 Common Statement from the dialogue commission that concludes:

the members of the commission are able to observe with satisfaction that, to a large extent, in recent years the communication that existed among their churches in the early centuries has been revived. In view of these developments, they will examine in a positive way remaining divergences in doctrine and practice, and determine to what extent those divergences can be accepted as legitimate and not compromising the essence of the faith.

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