Orientale Lumen : What Does It Call For?

I’m particularly interested in, Experiences Of Unity 58 and 59.

Hmmm…there are no paragraphs numbered 58 and 59 in Orientale Lumen so I’m assuming your are referring to the footnotes by those numbers which, in turn, refer to Orientalium Ecclesiraum of the Second Vatican Council. The refererences, specifically, are to:

  1. The Eastern Churches in communion with the Apostolic See of Rome have a special duty of promoting the unity of all Christians, especially Eastern Christians, in accordance with the principles of the decree, “About Ecumenism,” of this Sacred Council, by prayer in the first place, and by the example of their lives, by religious fidelity to the ancient Eastern traditions, by a greater knowledge of each other, by collaboration and a brotherly regard for objects and feelings.

This paragraph calls the Eastern Churches to retain their traditions that link them to the Eastern Churches that are not in communion with Rome and to maintain fraternal relations with those Churches.

and to:

  1. History, tradition and abundant ecclesiastical institutions bear outstanding witness to the great merit owing to the Eastern Churches by the universal Church. The Sacred Council, therefore, not only accords to this ecclesiastical and spiritual heritage the high regard which is its due and rightful praise, but also unhesitatingly looks on it as the heritage of the universal Church. For this reason it solemnly declares that the Churches of the East, as much as those of the West, have a full right and are in duty bound to rule themselves, each in accordance with its own established disciplines, since all these are praiseworthy by reason of their venerable antiquity, more harmonious with the character of their faithful and more suited to the promotion of the good of souls.

Which refers to the beauty and importance of the Eastern traditions.

Deacon Ed

Yes Fr Deacon that’s it.

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