Origin of False Religions

If Jesus is God, then what is the origin of religions that claim He is not?

B (man) and C (Satan) so I voted D (other).

It’s not that cut-and-dried. The devil certainly inspires men to deny Christ’s divinity; but in that case I would say it is a joint origin. And fallen man is capable of denying Christ on his own, so that theoretically, some false religions could be purely human creations, while others may be the fruit of demonic inspirations–though one could argue that all false beliefs are traced to the devil, since the devil was the instigator of the fall of man.

Pre Jesus of course the Jewish faith had the fullness of the Truth. And the other religions worshiped false gods. Some of them may have been demons. After Jesus, any religion that denies Jesus as God is false. And while there may be some truths in the faith it is tainted as much as any poison can taint. So, what would lie and poison us? The Father of Lies.

I put Satan. Now, that does not mean I think other religions’ followers are satanic…:wink:

Not necessarily Satan.

Many religions that pre-date Christianity were man’s attempt to make sense of the universe and the world around him, without benefit of revelation. Lightning was produced by Zeus or Thor or Perkwunos. The sun was ruled by Aten or Ra or Aten-Ra or Amun or Amun-Ra or :whacky: So you propitiated the various entities who controlled the various things you had no control over so that said things helped you or at least didn’t hurt you.

Some even developed deeper and more complex philosophies than above (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Greek myth (don’t know what that “-ism” is), etc). But Jesus was just not on their radar.

Or are we talking specific religions here, founded after Christianity?

Exactly. To expand on your example: when the pharaoh Akhenaten around 1350 BC turned around Egyptian religion to focus on only one god (which he saw exemplified in the Sun disc), was he inspired by Satan? Don’t think so.

  1. Ignorance
  2. Man’s pride
  3. Satan
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