Origin of Fatima Prayer?


I’m corresponding with a Protestant gentleman regarding Fatima and I brought up the Fatima prayer. Here is what he wrote:

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of Hell; lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy."

“Here’s what I’m trying to find out and so far have been unable to do so. When did this quote originate? I’ve searched several sites and nothing was said about it other than it was the ‘Fatima prayer.’ Was this added decades later? There are several quotes from the apparition that I will delve into after we’ve settled on this one.
The first is this. If the quote is attributed to 1917 then it would have legitimacy in that It speaks of Jesus. However if it was added later especially afterward by the Jesuits, who shielded Lucia and dressed much of what happened in Christian terms than it speaks for itself.”

Does anyone know the origin of this prayer? I had assumed it was taught by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the children at Fatima. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I belive it was taught by the angel that came months before the Virgin herself. I have study fatima and read many books. you have to understand that not all of Fatima came out at once. Lucia revealed alot of it under her vows of obdence at different times. The Angel came first over a period time,and gave Lucia Communion with a host that was dripping Christ blood… .She was the only child old enough to recieve. The Angel taught her several prayer and I belive this was one. But Lucia did not reveal this until 1948. So It started after than. I hope this Helps


thanks for your help. I did a bit more research and apparently the Fatima prayer was taught to the children after the vision of Hell on July 13, 1917 (if I remember the date right).

I believe you’re correct, but that it was taught by Our Lady herself rather than the angel.

Yes, that’s correct.

No, it isn’t a recent “addition.” It’s featured prominently in historian William Thomas Walsh’s “Our Lady of Fatima” which I recently finished, the first printing of which was like 1947.

In terms of the 1000-year-plus history of the Rosary even 1917 means it WAS a recent addition, relatively speaking of course.

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