Origin of the Rites


Here is the situation.

I am assisting in the Ad Altare Dei program for the Boy Scout Troop in my parish next year. For the section that relates to the sacrament of Holy Orders, we have started up as part of the program, a field trip to our local Eastern Rite parish.

I am currently preparing a quick overview of the history of how the rites came about and I was looking for one reference, which I of course forgot to write down. It was a discussion in a book similar to Jurgens “Faith of the Early Fathers,” or Fr. Laux books from Tan. In the reference, it describes the four patristic fathers: two western and two eastern that set the outlook of each church. I remember that one of the western fathers was Tertullian, but I do not remember the other three.

Does anyone know of the reference I am speaking of and where it is located?

Thank you for your help.


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