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Is there a web site which lists the books that were in the bible when it was canonized in the late 300’s? I came across a web site that claims that the deuterocanonical books of the Old Testament were not added until the council of Trent. I know this is not true, but I would like to see some proof that the Catholic Bible today was the original Bible that the Catholic Church canonized.




I recommend the following resources:

Canon XXIV lists the canon of Scripture (OT/NT) Hippo, A.D. 393:

Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers Second Series African Code A.D. 419:

Additional information on the Bible:

Article: 5 Myths About 7 Books by Mark Shea: envoymagazine.com/backissues/1.2/marapril_story2.html

Old Testament Canon: oce.catholic.com/index.php?title=Canon_of_the_Holy_Scriptures#I._THE_CANON_OF_THE_OLD_TESTAMENT_AMONG_THE_JEWS

New Testament Canon: oce.catholic.com/index.php?title=Canon_of_the_Holy_Scriptures#IV._THE_CANON_OF_THE_NEW_TESTAMENT


*The Faith of the Early Fathers * by W.A. Jurgens: shop.catholic.com/cgi-local/SoftCart.exe/online-store/scstore/p-B0164.html?E+scstore

*Where we Got the Bible * by Henry Graham: shop.catholic.com/cgi-local/SoftCart.exe/online-store/scstore/p-CB027.html?E+scstore

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