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I posted this elseware on this forum, but did not really get a response. Maybe I’ll have a better chance here amoung fellow traditional Catholics? Here it is-

This is not an advertisement, I’m just looking for feedback. I would like to conduct an “interest poll”. I am in the early stages of producing a facsimile reprint of the original 1582 Rheims New Testament and the 1635 Douay Old Testament (this is not the popular Challoner revision of the Douay Rheims). It will be printed in 5 volumes (approx 2800 pages total). 4 for the Old Testament, 1 for the New. The page size will be 8 1/4" by 10 3/4" (the largest reprint I know of to date). The format will be black case wrap hardcovers. The source for the reprint is a reproduction that was done privately in the mid-80’s. The approximate price will be around $200 for the whole set. I have had some preliminary scans done and printed some sample pages. They don’t look too bad. In my opinion, they are better than the source documents because they are bigger. I am fully aware that a facsimile produced from scans of the originals would be superior to my edition. Unfortunately, the people with the funds to do such a thing are not doing it. The reason I am conducting a poll is because of the money I will have to put forward to do it. It is no small chunk of change. I would be interested in your feedback on this. What do you think? How many of you would be interested in such a set?
Thank you,
Maximus Scriptorius

I would have an interest in it; but perhaps you might start out with just the New Testament as that may be more in line with people’s price range.

Also, didn’t Cardinal Newman once express dissatisfaction with one of the revisions of the Douay-Rheims? Your reprint might help alleviate that concern.

It’s funny you bring up Cardinal Newman. I am going to reprint the article that he expressed his dissatisfaction in along with another author’s analysis of the Original Douay Rheims in a small softcover book as a companion to the 5 volume set. And as far as having the volumes available separately- they will be eventually. But I planned on selling the first few as complete sets.

Maximus Scriptorius

Its nice that you’re making them bigger than I usually see them; I would hope this means they’re bigger in print. Would you have any pictures on hand so I can compare text size? The text size in other Douay Rheims versions is so weenie.

I won’t be able to buy a set, but I would be able to buy them a book at a time. I have a pretty limited budget.

I agree start with the New Testament to test the market. The cost for the set is somewhat high but is not unreasonable, considering the number of books. To be honest, I would be interested since I consider this the only true translation from the Latin Vulgate of St. Jerome. I have a preference for smaller books but that is just me. I own The Holy Bible (Douay Rheims) published by Baronius Press and another by TAN books. :slight_smile:

Actually it would be more beneficial to have the scan of the original Douay Rheims on one side, and the modern spelling of it on the facing page.

As with many others, I’d be interested but the budget is limited. If you started out with a small printing, I’m sure that you could sell them at $200.

It better have large print though.

seremina- I can email you a sample page in pdf format or in a couple of weeks I can mail you an actual sample page from the book.
Contact me directly - using the e-mail link in my profile - with your request. And that goes for anyone- contact me at the address above for a request or more info. Also, if you email me, you will automatically be notified (by email) when the complete edition is available. Just put “interest” in the subject box if you want to receive the email notification but don’t have a request or question.

Maximus Scriptorius

Can you tell me who the Publisher is?


Maximus Scriptorius

i have two copies of the douay rheims version of the bible both have been supposedly revised by bishop richard challoner. in looking up various biblical passages i noticed that there existed variations in the translations. doing a search for the bishop and reading his biographics, it was noted that one of his translations had something like two thousand errors. it was also supposed that he really did not do the one in question. research your decisions and choose wisely. have a good year. (alih)

Thanks for the post, but I must make a clarification. The edition I am reprinting IS NOT THE CHALLONER REVISION (as I stated clearly in my first post of this thread). The Challoner revision has gotten so popular, it seems that whenever someone mentions the word “Douay Rheims”, they immediately assume you are talking about the Challoner Revision. The edition I am reprinting pre-dates the Challoner Revision by over one hundred years. It is the original, unrevised edition of the Douay Rheims bible tranlated directly from the Latin Vulgate. Research will show you that there are major differences between the two. Some scholars have said Challoner’s revision to the Old Testament amounted to a “little short of a new translation” (Cardinal Newman) that was closer to the King James Version in phraseology and diction than the original Douay Old Testament.
Thanks for allowing me to make this clarification.

Maximus Scriptorius

Is this out yet?


No, it is not “officially” out yet. That is why I did not post on it. I did post it on another smaller forum, but I did not on this forum because it has such a wide readership. I did not want to create a bunch of hype. This is an un-official release. I am just selling off some proof copies. It will be another month or so until it becomes available from the publisher.


if one would go to the “vatican website” search engine and type in “divino affante spiritu” (english version) written by pope pius xii, he may qualify to which douay-rheims bible he was refering to,when he ordered “no changes to it.” have a good year. (alih):thumbsup:

Short of reading the whole document, I could not find were he said “no changes to it.” using a word search tool. Where in the document does it say that?

sorry max…just checked this before i head out for "vacation."
when i get back I’ll check it for you…if i still can remember?
have a good year (alih):thumbsup:

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