Original Douay-Rheims


I have just finished providing the original Douay-Rheims side-by-side with the Challoner revision of the book of Revelation. The original Douay-Rheims I have put in modern spelling, but I kept it as close as possible to the original. sites.google.com/site/aquinasstudybible/home/revelation/douay-rheims-bible

I am also working on providing all the wonderful footnotes and commentary in the original Douay-Rheims Study Bible! It has already been transcribed and on the market by someone else, but what I am doing will be freely online for everyone to use!


Thank you so much for your charitable work and making available to us these wonderful resources!

May the Grace of God the Father, the Peace of God the Son and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit be with you always!



Thank you for your diligence and effort.


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