Original Economy of Marriage


We must return to the Original Economy of Marriage(OEM) if we want to survive.

Another way of putting this is presented to us in the story of Cain and Abel. Adam and Eve lost the focus of their marital relationship when they turned away from the Real Presence in the garden of Eden. Now they sought to be the focal point of the marriage, trying to accomplish that which God can only do. The solutions of men to this problem are such thing as divorce, adultery, same sex relations and even murder as seen in the story of Cain and Abel. Abel try to restore the relationship with the Real Presence but Cain said, “NO”.

Cultures which ignore God will disintegrate, because of the tension the adult place on the child when the adult tries to be the focal point of the marriage.

As the two adults battle over who is the focus of the marriage, the children suffer and are confused. They do not wish to choose between father and mother but the culture forces them into the battle by saying there is no God. Such choices have direr consequences called sin. The child could end up love one of them and hating the other.

There is one more choice thought that is to place the Real Presence back into the marital relationship. This happen with the Incarnation which restored the OEM. With Christ at its center marriage is normalized once again.

Another way of putting this was the story of Joseph and Mary looked for the meaning of their marriage for three whole days until they found Jesus in the Temple. Adam and Eve did not even try to restore their marriage causing the fall.

Parents who go back to the OEM allow their children to love them through Christ.

Science and culture have no means of solving this problem, if they choose to eliminate God from the Economy of marriage.

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