Original Holiness and Original Sin

God Himself is holy and is the source of all holiness
God is pleased with himself because himself is holy.
When one is holy ,God is pleased and when one is not holy , God is not pleased.

GOd created adam out of love, therefore God loves adam. Love means to give all good. The holiness of God is all good. Since God loves adam, God gives his holiness to adam, this is the original Holiness(also known as sanctifying grace).
Therefore a holy adam is pleasing to God.
Just as GOd is holy, adam is holy, adam in that sense is " the image and likeness of God. GOd said to his ceation that he made holy including adam " it was good".

THe whole person of adam is holy. THe person of adam is made up of flesh(body) and soul.Therefore both flesh(body) and soul of adam are holy.

When adam by his free will personally sinned against God, adam lost his original holiness because holiness and sin are incompatible.Therefore, the original holiness becomes absent in adam, it becomes absent in his flesh(body) and soul.

The absence of Holiness in adam’s flesh(body) and soul is not pleasing to God.Therefore, it is said that at this point Adan fell from grace(favor).Adam now is unholy.

Since the flesh of mankind is generated or begotten or derived from the unholy flesh of adam, the flesh of mankind is therefore unholy, because what is genearetd or derived or begotten from an unholy flesh cannot be holy. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

If the flesh of adam is without holiness, then the flesh of mankind who took their flesh from the unholy flesh of adam cannot be expected to be holy. Holy things begets holy things while unholy things cannot beget holy things.

THEREFORE PREMISES ABOVE considered, original sin is simply the absence of original holiness in the flesh of mankind which was originally present in adam.

Therefore , a new born child has original sin not because , he committed a personal sin but because of the absence of original holiness in the flesh of the child. The flesh of the child like everybody is the derived from the unholy flesh of adam…

THe absence of this original holiness is the death spoken of by God. God said " if you eat the fruit you shall die". Also paul said " the wages of sin is death".

Absence of Original holiness caused death to body and soul. the unholy flesh dies to earth and the unholy soul is barred from entering heaven. Heaven is holy it cannot accept unholy soul or body, they incompatible.

Jesus reverses the effect of original sin and because of this jesus is said to be victorious over death that adam caused but this is another topic,… bye now

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