Original sin


Were you taught about original sin as a child?

What were you taught about sin?

Just curious as they may be different methods that we all experienced.


I was scared out of my mind every night that I would die in my sleep as a child. I only became aware of God after 100% of my wretchedness brought me to Sheol, at least now I don’t think I know everything, which is beneficial to Sheol not being quite as painful. I no longer blame a single disjected entity which has the unfortunate obligation of being on this devil’s playground, but only those demons who torment me with their imbecilic yet pompous grins, who have been given sway over me until I forgive all, even tham somehow; yes…even them…somehow?


I was joking obviously! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


:rotfl: :rotfl:
OK seriously weren’t there monsters under your bed? :rolleyes:
If i die before I … my soul to take ? that is what scared me.

It kind of was overwhelming for a four year old.


I was not taught nearly enough about this until college. Up until then, I had the typical experience of wondering why we should have to suffer for something I didn’t do.

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