Origination of mass vessels


This time round i have another question and it is more of a liturgical question .
the question is (1)how did the mass vessels come into use ,i mean their origin as in who suggested the usage of for example ciborium pattern,coprols etc
(2)Same with the liturgical vestments ,what a bout their origination ?and who suggested the purpose of the same to incorporating even the alter clothes


The chalice comes from the cup used at the Last Supper which was a passover meal.

I’ll bet it is safe to assume that some of the other vessels are of Jewish origin including the flagon and bowl used to purify the priest’s hands during the lavabo.



I’m sure many people can go into great detail as to origins and all that, but the for the most part I think you will find that there was a need. To protect from loss of part of a host the paten is used. To hold the oils and water some kind of container is needed. To bless the people with holy water something was needed, hence the mace. When you see something used in the mass most of the time it started with a practical need. Then in our love for God, we make sure that what we use is the best we have to offer.


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