Origins of the rapture doctrine

I would like to know who started with this doctrine . I have heard about hal lindsay , that he has deceived many people in the 80s about this rapture going to occur ,i also listened a video by tim staples explaining this but it was kind of confusing to me because as far as I knos the protestant groups don’t even agree with each other about this, some say it’s pre tribulation other say it is post tribulation so I don’t think how can they say the holy spirit reveals on everyone and how could the holy spirit contradicts about this. So I would appreciate the comments (if it is from a baptist would be even better).

Darby and Scofield are credited with the idea (as understood by most evangelicals). Here are a couple links that may help:

Stick to what the Bible tells you. No one will know when the last days will occur. The Rapture is not doctrine. It is not Biblical. Don’t bother with it.

This article from my blog will help you with this one MW.
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The Rapture?

An excellent book on the subject is:Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind by David B. Currie. It will answer ALL your questions!

The origins of the rapture doctrine are well researched and documented in a book titled The Unbelievable Pre-Trib Origin by Dave MacPherson.

Darby did not start the doctrine but he did popularize it. Scofield and others pushed it further.

According to MacPherson, the idea first appeared in the infant movement in Scotland which would later become Pentecostalism. One member of this movement was a woman named Margaret Macdonald who had a vision while ill in the spring of 1830. Her vision was that Christ would return in two phases and her belief spread through the area.

John Darby heard about the “outpouring of spiritual gifts” (speaking in tongues, etc.) taking place in Western Scotland and visited the area to investigate. He did not approve of the ecstasies but started teaching a two-phase return of Christ when he returned from his visit.

What is clear, according to the author, is that Darby got the idea from someone else. He was not the originator of the rapture theory.


Well, they’re at it again. People are circulating a video on Youtube saying that the Rapture will take place on September 23rd. and 24th., which is about the time Pope Francis is visiting the USA. Anybody want to comment?

Reminds me of growing up in my protestant household when I was a kid and thought that I would not live to be a adult because God was, for sure, coming back really soon. When I was a kid my Grandma told me she heard a preacher say that it would be less than 20 years :rolleyes: actually, I am only 30 and I do not remember exactly what year he made that prediction so I guess he might have a year or two to still be right :smiley:

But in some rapture believers defenses, I am more than sure most of them just also roll their eyes whenever a rapture prediction is made.

:yawn: :coffeeread:


That Sept date may have something to do with this article,

apparently there a few scientists out there who are claiming an asteroid is going to hit earth around this time, kind of surprising to me was the fact that we had a near miss back in march, (asteroid name…2014EC), only 38K miles away, and it would have wiped all of us out…funny though, I dont remember ever hearing about this back in March? I wonder why the media didnt report such a close call?

Then theres the last of the 4 blood moons (if you buy into that), then theres the times we are living in, just pick a day and look at headlines, compare them to signs and warnings Jesus told us to watch for…(shrugs?)

First of all, Catholic teaching does not acknowledge a “rapture” at all. No worries.

Secondly, I’m more concerned that I might die in some freak accident tomorrow – and I’d better pray I’m in a state of grace if that happens.

“No man knows the day nor the hour…” :thumbsup:

No I have not heard these specific dates mentioned in conjunction with rapture. Maybe some kind of financial collapse or war perhaps.


Hey, did ya ask 'em what they have for their plan B when it doesn’t happen?

What is clear, according to the author, is that Darby got the idea from someone else. He was not the originator of the rapture theory.


Even if it is NOT so clear, it is irrelevant. The pre-trib rapture is undoubtedly espoused by Darby (see here) whether or not he was influenced by someone or it just popped into his own deluded mind. IOW, trying to prove that Darby was not the inventor of the pre-trib rapture is not going to solve anything, either in the minds of Evangelicals or the Catholic Church.

In fact pre-trib rapture adherents will WANT to show that this thinking was around since Ephrem the Syrian (see the website for a very unconvincing quote.)

The Truth is, practically every heresy ever put forth goes back to ancient times, and continue to morph into new ones with the progress of time and desires of those with itchy ears.

The only magic bullet for any of these heresies is the Catholic Church. :slight_smile:

Seems there is MANY theories, but oddly they all involve some time in Sept 2015, the ones Ive heard recently…

Jade Helm ends in Sept, they think this is training for ‘something’ the Govt knows will happen in Sept, some say its a natural disaster, some say MAJOR financial changes are in the works, and this is when they will be implemented, Govt preparing for civil unrest.

The asteroid theory, Im fairly surprised at some of the scientists and professionals involved in this one.

Some say either China and/or Russia is going to invade the US around this date.

Some are saying the US Govt is going to intentionally stage a ‘false flag’ event, which will cause civil unrest.

I know I am certainly one of the eye rollers.

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