Orlando shooter's father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee


How did this guy get past Secret Service? How on “God’s Green Earth” did her campaign staff allow him to be put right behind her?



We shouldn’t assume it was accidental that he was not only allowed in, but in prime seating to be on camera. It may have been intentional.


I don’t assume it was accidental, I just can’t imagine who would think it a good idea.


How could they not have known who he is!


There will be no backlash by any Democrats, and no one who intends on voting for Hilda will possibly be bothered by this.


Is she under the protection of the Secret Service?
In either case I don’t know that this man is thought to be a security risk. Has this man committed any crime making him worthy of being treated differently?


Yes, she is under the protection of the Secret Service and has been since her days as First Lady. And, yes, being the father of a terrorist, and a vocal supporter of terrorist groups should be enough to keep someone out of proximity of a Presidential candidate. But even setting that aside, who on her campaign thought it was a good idea for her to have the father of terrorist, one who targeted gays, standing right over her left shoulder during a televised appearance?


Maybe she’s really starting to believe that she’s untouchable… considering the number of times she’s gotten away with stuff, it wouldn’t really surprise me.


She has been since her days as first lady. The former presidents up to Bill have secret service protection for life for they and at least their spouse. Starting with W it’s for a limited number of years. But even absent that, major candidates for president during election season also get secret service protection.

If he got in, he obviously wasn’t seen as much of a threat. As I understand he’s not under any indictment or anything like that.


He didn’t “get past” anybody. He was deliberately placed on stage by the Clinton campaign. All of the people on stage at Clinton events are selected.



This article adds to the conversation. The father has sympathies toward the Taliban and his own ideas about people who suffer from same-sex attraction.

Just another tick mark on Hillary’s tarnished history, I guess.

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:


He was in a large group of people behind a security buffer intended to show a diverse group of supporters. It would have been just nuts for the Clinton campaign to knowingly place anyone related to an Islamic terrorist in plain view at a campaign event. Someone booted it big time.


Security doesn’t matter, the person who has the security can waive it. People who have domestic terrorist pasts, people who incite riots, and various other jihadist supporters get access to the white house.

Whoever said Clinton selected everyone on the backdrop is 100000% correct. Those backdrops are designed by the Clinton campaign. The questions she is asked are pre-selected by the campaign. Her tone of voice is practiced by the campaign. Her word choice is poll-tested by the campaign. Her potato sack pantsuits are selected by the campaign.

With the Clintons, nothing happens on accident. Everything is controlled and planned by the campaign. If a jihadist’s dad is back there, they chose him.


I’m not so sure it was a mistake. One of the Clinton/Obama articles of faith is that Islamic terrorists are just deranged people and their acts have nothing to do with Islam. Mateen’s appearance in this prominent role symbolically separates the religion from the acts. “Oh well, just because the son was insane, it doesn’t mean the father or any other Muslim is. We embrace him along with all other Muslims.”

The Clintons have some very, very big donors and “bag men” in the Muslim community in the U.S… I would love to name names, and could, but sometimes discretion is necessary. This Mateen appearance is exactly the sort of thing they would exact as a price.


It appears to have been an unknown mistake from what I’m reading. The campaign was not aware of his identity. And he claims he came to the rally of his own accord and was part of a group which was seated in the background behind Mrs Clinton. They probably saw he had a face that could add to that group’s diversity and selected him for it. But it seems doubtful they’d have the time or resources to do in depth background checks on all those people on such short notice.

If anything it shows you just how much at risk presidential candidates really are when they’re out there.


Agreed. Someone in the campaign booted it, big time. I think that anyone suggested his being put there was by design has it wrong; what incredibly bad “optics” that would be/has been for HRC.


People like the Clintons don’t make mistakes like that. This was deliberate.


Depends on who the “optics” are for, doesn’t it? Hillary’s campaign is enjoying such success that she can claim “mistakes” when there was no mistake.

Donald Trump wonders aloud whether Mrs. Khan was allowed to speak and the roof falls in. Hillary Clinton puts the father of an Islamic terrorist (who has Taliban sympathies himself) and the media get away with calling it a “mistake”.

What fools they take us for!


The theory that makes the most sense to me is that he was put there on purpose to bait Trump into one of his Twitter rants where he is prone to making mistakes and saying not so smart things.


To say ‘we stand with the families of jihadist terrorists’?

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