Orlando shooting: Rainbow flag in Jamaica sparks row


Jamaica’s attorney general has sparked criticism after saying it was “disrespectful” to Jamaican law for the US embassy to fly a rainbow flag following the Orlando shooting. bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-36537088

                                          I agree with there attorney general. The US embassy could have flown the American flag at half mast, but instead they chose to show disrespect for Jamaica's laws.


Not a surprise considering the horrible track record Jamaica has with regards to LGBT rights. They can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned. Keep it up full time!



Keep up with what “time”? What kind of “LGBT” rights are you talking about? :confused:

They are no “LGBT rights” in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Neither are there “LGBT rights” in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights or Covenant on Economic and Social Rights.

You assume that one society is supposed to adapt to the changing fashions of another society. I am sure you understand that this is a pretentious assumption.


Tough cookies. Jamaica has no authority over the embassy.

More to the point, this is the US and someone just killed 50 people specifically for being gay. Jamaica’s laws don’t really deserve respect in this arena.


In the past, flying the rainbow flag has happened at embassies on gay pride day. I suspect that any dissent about flying the flag is being squashed because it is an opportune moment to do so.

I have to ask myself, would the administration do the same for another group? Or are they just trying to win favor with people.


If you want to impress me with your brave stance on LBGT rights, put up the rainbow flag in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or Afghanistan. The worst Jamaica will do is send a mildly worded letter to the State Department. The US embassy putting up the rainbow flag in Jamaica is about as dangerous as pushing a 90 lb asthmatic on the playground.


I meant keep the flag up for good.

I think criminalizing homosexuality is an injustice. Only male gay sex is criminalized there so it’s not about the morality of homosexuality but good old fashioned discrimination.

Do you consider the spread of human rights since the enlightenment to be simply a “fashion”? Society as been moving in this direction, it was only a matter of time before the most marginalized people are included. This is a good thing.


The US embassies have a track record of doing things to insult their host countries, especially regarding LGBTABCXYZ issues. They fly the rainbow flag at the embassy to the Vatican too which is just obnoxious.


How about we fly the Vatican flag at our embassies when Christians get murdered just for being Christians?

Won’t happen ever.:rolleyes:


If I was Jamaica, I’d have my embassy in the US fly the Confederate battle flag, just to watch the people defending the rainbow flag heads explode.


Ah, the progressive conceit; history only moves in one direction. Ask the gays in some of more rapidly Islamizing areas of Europe how their rights are progressing.


Luckily, embassies are US soil and other countries can suck it up.:shrug:


It does seem like the LGBT have more rights than all others right now. Well, does any other group get a special flag when something happens to them? Why are these people more special than all the other groups who are also victimized from time to time?

I think more appropriate would have been a flag flown at half mast, and then it would not have gone against any of Jamaica’s laws, but still been a message of solidarity with the US.


I looked forward to the US embassy in Ridyah putting up the rainbow flag. Of course, that’ll never happen because it would require someone in the State Department with guts, rather than someone who gets off bullying small nations.


Pretty sure calling this “bullying” is being more than a little hyperbolic.

FYI: It’s Riyadh


I think what you may be starting to see is gays realizing that in the hierarchy of oppressed groups, they rank below Muslims. It’s why there is such a concerted effort to blame this on anything but radical Islam.


No, it wouldn’t ever happen because the State flag of the Vatican doesn’t represent Christianity.


It doesn’t seem like that in the U.S. at all. We are moving towards equality, that means everybody will have the same rights (as it should be). The flag is necessary as long as gay people are treated as outsiders or “the other”. Maybe someday the flag will be unnecessary but that’s up to us and how we treat them.

Any group can chose whatever symbol for their struggle that they want. Nobody gave it to them, they chose it.


What would you call it when the most powerful nation in the world tells a small tropical island with no military to speak of to, in effect, pound sound?

FYI: If you want to impress me with your spelling prowess, spell it Arabic, without using a translation program.


I wonder how many people on this message board are what Father Hardon calls “moles.” Moles are People that claim to be Catholic and can even be recieved into the Church (even as priests!:eek:) but are only out to destroy the Catholic Church.

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