Orlando terrorist reportedly traded texts with wife during massacre



The wife of this Islamic terrorist has reportedly accompanied her husband while he surveyed his targets and purchased and tried to purchase more arms and ammo. Reports of that horrific night have revealed her phone contact with him. Where does this woman stand with law enforcement. We heard she was “cooperating”. Really? We also heard she was not under any hold for investigation, etc. She was a “free woman” - today it was reported that she left Florida and maybe went to Mississippi but not for sure. What the?
Was she aware that her husband sold their home to his brother? Didn’t they own it together as in community property? It was also reported that the brother-in-law was the man that drove her to get some of her things from the home and then poof, she is gone.
If she is in custody for protection - why isn’t that revealed? Otherwise it looks like she was given a get out of town card - because…?

Maybe she thought he was just checking out guys when they surveyed targets since she would have known he was gay. And, heaven knows there is nothing more American than purchasing arms and ammo.

No, the thing that got me in the article was that Mateen’s mother called looking for him at 2 AM. She knew he was the one doing the murdering.

Thank you for your comment about Americans. Good to know you are a good patriot.
Oh, maybe you aren’t American?

Americans love exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. And your wife accompanying you to the gun shop? Well, let’s your say that you are announcing to the world that you married right.

What good did that do. He was denied at one store - but pulled if off at the other. Interesting that when he was denied body armor and lots of ammo, he called somebody that he spoke with in Arabic.

This jihadist may have been in psych trouble starting as a child but he sure knew what he was planning to carry out - and he had support. The mosque he frequented has people that the Obama rule is: “don’t mind them”.

Why was he denied at one store? I hadn’t heard this.

Oh, I don’t think there is any doubt that he had psychological issues, probably stemming for him being gay and his father and his religion having issues with that.

I think it is easy to miss some of the elements of the story, buried by the blizzard of news coverage.

Here is one news article about the gun shop which turned him away:

[quote=Orlando Sentinel]A suspicious" Omar Mateen visited a Jensen Beach gun shop in early May and asked about body armor and bulk ammunition, prompting employees to report the interaction to the FBI, according to the shop’s owner.

Mateen briefly visited Lotus Gunworks in early May and requested heavy-duty body armor usually used by law enforcement, and when he was told the store doesn’t carry body armor, made a phone call in a foreign language, said Robbert Abell, the shop’s co-owner.

“It was just suspicious what he was requesting,” Abell said. “It’s very sad that we had him that close. Unfortunately nobody connected the dots and he slipped through the cracks.”


The gun shop didn’t get his name, which might have alerted the FBI given his existing file.

Thanks. I agree, some aspects of the story aren’t well covered. The fellow that turned done Mateen is a hero and it’s sad that the dots couldn’t be connected.

None of his “feelings” mean a darn thing only his Islamic radical issues - kill the infidel!

A gun store owner said that he asked very strange questions about buying body armor - gave off “something isn’t right here” so the owner notified the FBI - but… zero.

Yeah, I’m not buying it.

A gun store owner said that he asked very strange questions about buying body armor - gave off “something isn’t right here” so the owner notified the FBI - but… zero.

Well, so much for that streamlined Homeland Security.

Makes one wonder about surveillance cameras … every shop, store, gas station, bank, and deer hunters have cameras. Doesn’t the FBI and Homeland Security have the capability to run a digital picture match up? I think so. Maybe the terror watch list and the no fly list would be helpful? (instead of doing nothing)

Sorry but the status of affairs in our country is off the charts.

Another addition to the horrific actions - the terrorist made 16 phone calls!! If he traded texts with his wife, who was he calling?

The FBI fumbled the ball by not working with due diligence when the intentions of this Islamist exposed him as an Islamist enemy of America. Now that the number of dead and maimed number up to a hundred, we can only hope that they are using due diligence to find out if anyone was sitting on information that could have prevented this.
Justice demands that people with blood on their hands are exposed for the souless beasts that they are, and dealt with accordingly.

I don’t have high expectations of competence with the local PD, the same people who left the injured to bleed out for 3 hours while they figured out a plan.

You must not watch FNC.

No, I don’t watch cable news networks because it is 99% drivel.

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