Orthodox beliefs about Protestants


Does the Orthodox Church take a similar approach to Catholics when it comes to treatment of Protestants? Do they believe that those born into Protestant homes are “separated brethren”, and do they think it sinful to associate with Protestants?


My experience in the Greek Orthodox Church is that my priest did nothing but make fun of other Christian faiths especially the Catholic faith


Where did you get the idea that Catholics think it’s sinful to associate with Protestants?


I know that Catholics don’t. I was asking if, like Catholics, they were friendly to Protestants, OR if they didn’t associate. :grin:


I’m not aware of many interactions with Lutheran churches; certainly not like Rome.


They do all the ecumenical stuff too.

Most of the EO Churches are actually members of the WCC too.


High church Protestants (Lutherans, Anglicans, etc) are usually somewhat buddy-buddy with the EO…


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