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I was watching Dateline and they had a story about babies who are born with physical and mental problems in Serbia. Apparently the parents are coerced to put the child in an institution where they stay until they die.

These children are treated to badly that many don’t grow beyond a small child’s size. It was horrific what was done to these poor souls.

The question I have is that they showed a cemetary and said that the priests (Orthodox I presume) won’t come and do a burial service as they aren’t paid.

I was wondering if our Catholic priests serve families who can’t afford to pay the priest or Church when they must bury someone who has died under these circumstances or they are too poor to pay.

It struck me as so unchristian. Is anyone familiar with how the Church resolves these situations.

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I have a hard time believing a priest, be it Catholic or Orthodox, would refuse a burial for a Christian family.

Yes, those areas are poor and there is no such thing as government help for those unfortunate children, but I highly doubt a priest would deny the sacraments or burial to a Christian child.

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