Orthodox Churches in the Military?

How come there are no Eastern Orthodox Churches in most Military bases? The only I know are the one those overseas particularly in FOBs in Iraq and Afganistan. I rarely see an Orthodox Military community in Garrision.

Numbers I am sure.
There are 65 million Catholics in the US and about 1.0 to 1.5 million Orthodox.

It is kinda hard to explore Eastern Orthodox and you are in the US Army.

It’s only recently that Orthodoxy was acknolwedged as a distinct Christian faith for military purposes. How many forms filled out even today allow only “Catholic,” “Protestant,” “Jewish”, and “Other”, with no space to write an alternative?

When my Orthodox father was in WW2, your dog tag said, P, C, or J. Everybody else, such as he, was an X.

The same story was told by a well respected Orthodox metropolitan about his experience as a Marine–and that was in the '60’s.

As it turns out, most Orthodox chaplains are priests of the OCA. They function as priests of the diocese wheresoever the base is located.

There’s a big practical problem, too. My understanding is that base chapels allow only 50 min for services, and Orthodox services take considerably longer.

The actual number of Orthodox is estimated at 2-6 million.

I imagine so. Just continue to practice your Catholic faith with diligence and pray. I really do not see much difference Manny between the two. I mean yes, there IS a difference but in the overall scheme of things…you serve the Lord in either one and from your admitted perspective, they both are Apostolic and true churches. Patience!!:smiley:

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