Orthodox Divine Liturgy in place of Mass

Recently I went to Reconciliation with a priest new to me. I mentioned that I had missed some Sunday Masses since my last confession. He asked me about it, which I thought was great, and I told him how I had had some doubts and attended a Greek Orthodox Church for services instead. He told me that attending Divine Liturgy services would fulfill my obligation to attend Mass. I didn’t think that was true and still don’t but don’t know where to find it specifically stated. Can someone definitively give me an answer or link? Also, does his interpretation change my confession? Am I still absolved for something that the priest didn’t think was a sin?

Canon law says “Can. 1248 §1. A person who assists at a Mass celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the feast day itself or in the evening of the preceding day satisfies the obligation of participating in the Mass.”

An Orthodox liturgy is not a Catholic rite. Perhaps your confessor misunderstood and thought you were attending an Eastern Catholic liturgy since that would meet your Sunday obligation.

You went and confessed all your sins. The priest absolved you. Your confession is valid!

There is the possibility that the priest thought that you were confused about the Sunday obligation and the Orthodox mass and maybe he did not see the intention of committing a sin. Anyway the priest confusion does not affect the validity of the sacrament. The proper form and the matter were there and so you are fine.

I knew I was supposed to be there on Sundays. That is why I brought it up in confession. He shouldn’t have been unclear on where it was. I was confessing to the priest at the only Eastern Rite Catholic Church in town when this happened. I mentioned specifically it was the Greek Orthodox Church, and as a Maronite priest I would think he would well aware of the difference.

Thanks for your answers. I was concerned about the validity. At first it didn’t hit me, but a day later, after I had received the Eucharist, I thought about it and got concerned.

Are you Roman Catholic or Eastern Catholic. Roman Canon Law does not apply to Eastern Catholics (they have their own Canon Law) and they have different canons regarding what filfills the Sunday Obligation.

Since the priest is Eastern Catholic, he might have been fully correct for his flock. But if you are Roman, the canon that Suscipe posted would apply to you.

I’m Roman Catholic. I mentioned where I usually attend church but maybe what you said about the differences in rites was why he told me what he did. I’m a convert, just joined a year ago, and there is much I still don’t know.

I think the Priest would know the difference between Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic, even if some laymen I’ve seen here don’t.

If it was actually an Orthodox Church, then it would not satisfy your Sunday obligation.

Catholic Eastern Divine Liturgy will fulfill you Mass obligation, the Orthodox Liturgy if available is good when no Catholic Mass or Divine Liturgy is available.

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